Never cycled before, Starting soon

  1. Never cycled before, Starting soon

    I have been lifting for two and a half years straight now. Since I started, I have put on 15-20 pounds naturally. My diet is solid: 5-6 meals a day, minimum 2500 cals/day. I am a lean 190lbs. 22yrs old and 6'2". I have been seriously considering starting a cycle for a several months now. My goals are modest in my eyes; I would like to hover around 205lb in the end. I would like increased definition and strength.

    My readings on what product to acquire are varied. What are some starting pointers anyone might have in pursuing a beginner's cycle?

    (I have immediate access to anadrol50 and tren-e, but from my studies, these are considerably too much for the first ride.)

    Thank you for any suggestions.

  2. For a first run a good solid product would be a mild PH/PS like Epistane or XMASS. These are very low in sides and can produce good results with a proper diet. I can personally vouch for XMASS, it put some good size on my frame, and decent strength gains. Epistane is also very good as there are plenty of good cycles explained on this forum, just search the compounds (epistane/epidrol/havoc) these are all the same product. Also be sure and have a proper post cycle therapy down to combat estrogen side effects and prolactin from the XMASS. A good staple supp to also use is AI Cycle Support, which you would run 2wks prior to the cycle thru the end of PCT. This will deal with overall body health after the cycle and liver values as well. Hope this helps

  3. ......and be sure to have a serm on hand.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by manny1010 View Post
    ......and be sure to have a serm on hand.
    If you do run a SERM, I would dose nolva at 20/20/10/10.

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