Proper T-1 Pro Use.

  1. Question Proper T-1 Pro Use.

    Ok, I read 2weeks on/2weeks off

    So how does this work, is it 1 week on, 1 week off, 1week on, 1week off?

    Also, when are the best times to apply it in terms of your workout? Like a certain time before or after?

    I work 9:30 to 6:30PM. Workout everynight around 7PM.

  2. bro do a search this has been talked about a million times

  3. Man I know, I been searching for different variations, I find lots and lots of cycle info but I just can't find what I need and it gets discouraging so I decide to take the ass beating and ask

  4. Personally, I'd run it 8 weeks, but that's just me

  5. Well its my first cycle, I want to use it how its supposed to be used and stuff ya know

  6. My personal recommendation is to run it 8 weeks at 2 squirts in the morning and 1 or 2 squirts at night, spaced as close to 12 hours apart. Make sure you have your PCT in order.

  7. Have PCT.. But how do the weeks on weeks off go for both the 4 week & 8week cycle.

  8. Well, for the 8 week, run it for the entire 8 weeks, then do your PCT. Make sure your total time off is 16 weeks after the 8 week cycle.

    For the smaller cycles, run it 2 weeks on, then 2 weeks off(run your PCT during this time), then 2 weeks on, then PCT with a total of 8 weeks off after the second 2 week on cycle.

    Personally I don't see the value on running it 2 on, 2 off, 2 on, 8 off. Some do though, its something you will have to decide for yourself. The shorter cycles I can understand with something like M-1-T due to side effects affecting some to the point that they just can't run it any longer, but with something like T1-pro, might as well run it long and get everything you can from it, unless of course the side effects are too great, which I don't think they will be. Plus this being your first cycle, your going to most likely respond very well to this, so get the most you can with your fresh receptors. You're only a virgin once

  9. Bump on 8 weeks straight.

  10. 8 weeks at 4 squirts a day!!!!!!!
    that will shut you bad....thats 20g of 1-t and 10g of 4-ad can you handel lethargy and other side for that long?

  11. I'm trying to come up with the best times of application with my schedule. Is it best to apply a certain time prior to your workout? Cause I don't think I will be able too.

    Work schedule

    Mon: 9:30AM - 6:30PM Workout - 7PM
    Tue: 9:30AM - 6:30PM Workout - 7PM
    Wed: Off work
    Thu: Off work
    Fri: 9:30AM - 6:30PM Workout - 7PM
    Sat: 9:30AM - 6:30PM Workout - 7PM
    Sun: 9:30AM - 6:30PM Workout - 7PM

  12. Just do it first thing in the morning and 12 hours later at night.

  13. So when I workout prior to applying it or after applying it doesnt matter?

  14. If you apply it before a workout to soon, you might end up sweating a lot of it off you. But if you apply it say, 2 to 3 hrs before the workout giving it time to dry and penetrate, then you might get even better absorbtion, due to the pores of your skin opening up and allowing more of the product in.

  15. See thats what sucks. I can take it at like 8AM. Then I wont be able to workout till 7PM and apply again at 8PM. So I'm looking at 11 hours in between application and working out.

  16. That won't make a difference. After the first 3 days, you will have a steady state of PH's/Pro-Steroid, flowing through your system. You will be fine.

  17. Well I started today, 8AM. 2 pumps put behind knees and on my traps. Man I got to get the bad out of my head, I mean I'm rubbing this in and all I can think is "Dude your rubbing lotion in, this isint going to do anything " Also, is it supposed to be gritty? Do I need to shake it or something? I feel like the liquid goes in but the powder just stays on my skin only to rub off or something.
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  18. Cool Heat

    Dude! Heat the bottle in water, so the powder stuff will absorbe with the lotion better. That way it wont be so gritty

  19. Yes, its supposed to be a lil gritty... and as pcazar said, you can heat it if you like. T1pro is a great product that can give great gains if you have everything in line! Also you might want to shave your thighs if you do apply their. Application spots: tops of feet, behind knees,forearms,chest, inside lats, think of where you skin is thin! good luck brutha....


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