I need help on dosing a stack i recently bought

  1. I need help on dosing a stack i recently bought

    i bought Hyperdrol, Shred Hardcore, Fish oil (capsule) and MaxCLA and Whey Protein i was wondering how to stack these supplements i am currently going to the gym 3 times a week my goal is to lose weight and shape up i am holding a steady Fair to Good diet and i want to start going to the gym 5 days a week 3 cardio and weights and other 2 just cardio with a little ab workout. any suggestion in general would be sweet but i'd especially appreciate it if i could get help on dosage thanks a lot.

  2. hey man if i were you i would start by taking the shred core. after being about 2 weeks in start the hyperdrol. Once the hyper is started take the fish oil and CLA wlong with it in the morning. as for the protein tkae 1 serving fist thing in the morning, pre and post workout., good luck man

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