6 week PP 1-t Cycle Review

  1. 6 week PP 1-t Cycle Review

    Finished my 6 week cycle of 1-t yesterday. I did 5 pumps a day for the first 29 days and then 6 pumps a day for the last 15 days. Here are some of my numbers

    Starting Weight - 185
    End Weight - 189

    Bench -
    225 x 10 (start) 225 x 12 (finish)
    Trapbar Dead Lift -
    405 x 7 to 405 x 8

    My strength improved in most auxiliary lifts as well though nothing significant. Even though I made some improvements I am definitely disappointed with my cycle. My diet was very clean and only slightly above maintenance so am not disappointed with the weight gain, though I expected to hit 190 at the very least. Most of my disappointment comes from the minimal strength gains. Two bottles of 1-t is not a small sum of money and based on the product's claims and my history with PP's product (which up until now has been nothing short of spectacular) I had expected a lot more.

    That said, I still think PP is a great company. A lot of people have had great success with 1-t so I still think the product has some potential. I am surprised it did not work better for me bc I responded incredibly well to PP's other transdermal formulas (sustain alpha and dermacrine). Ill post an update after PCT, for which I will be using a small dose of nolva alongside PP's test recovery stack. After my last PCT run with this stack I continued to make gains through my PCT, most of which I kept afterwards so Im looking forward to making some more gains in the next 3 to 4 weeks. If anyone has any questions about the cycle,mfeel free to post away

  2. hey bro try advanced muscle sciences 1-androsterone, i got great results from that
    i took it for 3 weeks at 6 caps ED and for the last week i did 9 caps ED

  3. thanks for the advice. ill look into it. wont be cycling until this summer

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