My brief M1T experience, kinda odd...

  1. My brief M1T experience, kinda odd...

    This isn't really a log, but it doesn't really belong in the PH section either, so...

    I decided to shoot for a short 10 day cycle to experiment with this stuff, and I started off at 20 mg per day. I'm 210 lbs by the way. Felt no changes and no sides for the first 5 days. What WAS interesting is that, for several hours after taking a cap, any meal eaten would promptly exit VERY quickly, and probably not digested.

    So I decided to take the entire day's dose at bedtime so I would have 8 hours for it to get into my system without disrupting my eating. I also bumped it up for 30mg.

    And over the last three days, my weight has shot up 5 lbs. And the lethargy has absolutely floored me this morning, and a little bit yesterday. Up until then I had no problems with lethargy.

    Anybody else get this kind of delayed response on this fast-acting compound?

  2. Well for one it isn't adviced to do 30mg. Even Bobo hated it at that much. More is not better, the lethargy is of course going to be bad on 30mg.

    But no I had a response within about 2-3days.

  3. Yeah, my next time around will definitely be no more than 20 mg, I agree. I just find it odd that it took a while to kick in. However, the ****s I got when taking it during the daytime probably kept a lot of nutrients out of my system.

    Bearing all this in mind, I think I'll try it again in a few weeks at 20mg.

  4. Yeah take it down to 15 or 20mg and see how it goes. For the first week I took it lethargy wasn't really an issue but the last 5 days or so it kicked the piss out of me.

    Another thing I learned about M1t is that if taken at night with a protein shake, I would wake up about 2 hours later and VOMIT. The first night it happened I wasn't sure what the problem was then it happened again and again so finally I said something to my bro who was on m1t and he said try to take it without the protein shake. I did and never threw up again. He said for some reason it upset his stomach as well and made him wake up and throw up. Just a heads up to you bro's.

  5. Yeah, this is hardcore, man. It's barely 1 in the afternoon and I've already had to lay down twice. Been doing plenty of ****ting, too.

    Next time it's definitely 20mg, all right before bed on a relatively empty stomach. I'll go at it a little more educated. On a side note, though, I was quite impressed with the weight gain in the last few days. Look a bit more defined too.

  6. I have to wonder if you guys got a bad batch or something. OR its just one of those "Everybody is different" scenarios.

    I've taken 10 mg with foood and without, in the AM and PM and have never felt nausea, vomiting or any of that.

    Personally, I'd lower the dose to 10mg and see how that treats you.

  7. I can't eat whatever I want at night before bed and take the m1t it's just the whey protein shake that doesn't agree with it. When taking it I just switched to cottage cheese and had no problems. It's weird but it just doesn't like shake.

  8. At 10 mg it took 4 days to kick in. I was seriously thinking about bumping it to 20 mg but decided to wait a bit longer. I even opened one of the capsules to taste test it, since I had no reaction the first 4 days.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    Well for one it isn't adviced to do 30mg. Even Bobo hated it at that much. More is not better, the lethargy is of course going to be bad on 30mg.
    I must be the strange one. I started a M1-t cycle at 210 lbs. 20 mg in divided doses first week, then 30 mg (20 mg in AM, 10 mg in PM) for the last 5 days. I'm going 3 or 4 more days before PCT.

    Even at 30 mg, no stomach ache, no vomiting, no headaches, no acne, no nut shrinkage, no elevated BP. Lethargy for me is no worse at 30 mg, then it was at 20 mg, and even then it is only a bit worse then I experienced with 1-AD. I did catch a mild cold at day 3, and have experienced some on and off low back discomfort. Cramping hasn't been a problem, except on two occasions. One time I was doing heavy rows and one pec cramped, then once when I completed a set of bench presses, I got a charlie horse in my back.

    After 12 days my weight is up 8 lbs on maintenance calories. Strength is rockin'. On Dec 9th for example I worked up to 225 x 4 in close grip bench. 10 days later I did, 225 x 8, 225 x 7, 225 x 6.


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