its my first cycle of test enanthate...i need advice...thanks

  1. its my first cycle of test enanthate...i need advice...thanks

    hello derek.25yrs old.its my first time in here...I am currently on my first cycle of test enanthate 750mg/week and ill be runnin' 10weeks...and am currently in my 4th wk 5days now...
    until now i have not yet felt any test kickin in like i read cos i did a lot of research before startin....av been workin out for quite a long time now and my diet have been ok...
    pls when am i goin to feel the test kickin in? and what signs when it kicks in?
    my gear is legit..testoviron depot, schering berlin germany..250mg is it ok if i just go on test alone for the 10weeks?

    thanks....ill be hopin to read more from your experiences...i attached my pic hw i look now...been working out n eatin good..the muscles i have now have been from my previous workinouts..i havent felt any test...thanks so much...pls tell me whatever u know about enanthate from ur own experiences and previous waitin thanks again....

  2. 4th week? 750mgs a week? nothing? i'm thinkin bunk gear matter what it says on the label. allthough i could be wrong. lets hear what more experienced users have to say.

  3. nice to hear from you lennoxchi.....actually i inject 3ml (750mg)of it at once 3cc every week into my delt or quad....n i do it its the 4th week and 5days...i havent felt nothin like i said....i am still waitin to hear more if anyone here being onnly on enanthate experience have had to wait that long before it kicks in for them...tnks

  4. i think it would have by now man......2 or three weeks from what i hear, and you sb feeling it.

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