compare ph to classic aas

  1. compare ph to classic aas

    I am sorry if this question is against the rules
    Can You compare designer roids with classic AAS
    Something like testovis + winstrol can to be like havoc ?
    Can you make a kind of classification
    Someone say that the classics are better, some of you know me to explain these differences

  2. Never enough
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    Is a tomato better than an orange? its impossible to compare them really. means of administration are different, sides are different, halflives are different, etc. You can find a few of the designers that are vaguely similar to some of the classic oral steroids, but thats it. so halodrol is similar to oral turniabol, and prostanazol does convert to winstrol but you need a ridiculous dose orally.
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  3. I think when these questions arise its in regard to the potency. Strength and size gains etc.

    I think a better phrased question would be like
    "How would a 5 week cycle of "The One" compare in LBM gains to a cycle on Anadrol 50 or Trenbolone?"
    "How would a cycle of Epistane comapare in LBM gains to Winstrol?"

    Im suprised there arent more of these comparisons. We all know the sides, PCT options and defining characteristics are different but the big questions are How much weight did you gain? How much LBM? How much did you keep after PCT?

    I see old schoolers posting things all the time to the tune of "PH's? Cycle for 4 weeks?, you gain ten pounds, keep half of it and its just as toxic as the real deal? Stick with Real Gear"

    I think some of these PHs are more potent than they believe.

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