tren extreme and m-drol cycle! i need help!

  1. tren extreme and m-drol cycle! i need help!

    so im gonna stack these two. from what i have been told im supposed to take 1 of each which is 30MG of tren and 10MG of m-drol then the following week up it to 20MG of m-drol and 60MG of tren. finally for the 3rd and then on take 90MG of tren and 20MG of m-drol????

    does this sound good? any help is very appreciated!

  2. Have you seen my log??? I wouldnt touch either of those if you dont even know how to dose them.

  3. im the original poster dude just different name. ya i have seen your log dude. see what i have been told is that trens results come quick and m drols are slower but more solid so i was told to start off low on the tren and then start uping the dose.

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