And the journey begins... part II

  1. And the journey begins... part II

    Apparently you ahve to be 21 to talk about the s word, didn't know that.. so here is my log start out yet again...
    And.... my journey begins... My mission to bulk up has began, i will be logging everyday on how i am feeling and how my workouts are going.

    Here is where i currently sit
    BF- 15%
    Height- 6' 1''

    I am stariting a 10 weeks program of Semi strict dieting (controling what i can to the best of my ability..)

    Meal 1- 4 whole eggs
    2-3 cups of milk
    1 piece of toast
    2 Tbsp of nat peanut butter

    Meal 2 - 4 tbsp of nautral penut butter
    1 gronola bar

    Meal 3 - (school lunch.. HORRIBLE)
    3 cups milk
    1 peanut butter/jelly sandwich

    Meal 4 /Prewrkout- 1peanut butter/Jelly sandwich
    1 bag of lays baked chips (for the carbs)

    Meal 5- Alternate between 8oz of chicken,steak,or turkey
    2 cups of milk
    1 cup of a fruit or veggie
    1 cup of cottage cheese

    Meal 6- usually something random i throw together with a decent amount of cal carbs and prot

    Meal 7- 4 Tbsp of peanut butter
    1 cup of cottage cheese
    2 cups of milk
    For questions or comments, about things. please PM
    i will be trying to update daily

  2. DAY 1 Shoulders

    (upright rows) 40x10, 50x10, 60,10, 70x10

    (db front raises) 10x10, 15x10, 20,10

    (db lateral raises) 10x10, 10x10, 10x10

    (military press) 65x10, 70x10, 75x10

    Over all i felt it was a pretty good shoulder workout, tri's were still a little sore from wednesday but other than that good workout

  3. its not just having to be 21 to talk about steroids, its not being allowed to post in this entire section of the board under 21

  4. so i cant even post, talking about my workout?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Trapstar View Post
    so i cant even post, talking about my workout?
    not in this section. u can log in the supplement review/log section or workout log section

  6. see you later bud!


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