No there's no eclipse today....3Pete is just flexing his lats!! Cycle

  1. No there's no eclipse today....3Pete is just flexing his lats!! Cycle

    Let me know what you guys think of my upcoming cycle. I want to start it off gaining some lean mass and then just cut the f-uck up. The test that I'm running throughout is just to keep my d!ck working and to support other bio functions where test is a necessity, that's why it's dosed low.

    wk 1-10 test-e 250mg/wk

    wk 1-3 SD 20-30mg/ed

    wk 4-11 Tren-Ace 75mg/eod

    wk 9-12 H-drol 75-100mg/ed

    Cycle Support
    Centrum Cardio

    I'm 5'10'' 247...17-19%bf...I like to dirty bulk but I can lean up easy.

    Hoping to start soon!! :dl:

    Got to get over thing piece of sh!t f ucking cold first though

  2. I just realized that one of the tren vials I have is Parabolan, not tren ace, so I will run that for the first three weeks then start the tren-a....quick question for tren users, have any of you experienced tren cough and if so was it from a ugl?

  3. *bump*

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