Anabol M-1-T Cycle

  1. Anabol M-1-T Cycle

    Start: October 23, 2003
    Cycle 45 days
    End: December 5, 2003

    Beginning Stats:
    Age: 33
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 220

    The Stack:

    200 Thai Anabol 5mg 25/mg ed
    Methyl-1-Test 10mg 10mg ed
    Creatine 5mg ed after 5 days of loading
    Milk Thistle
    Hawthorn Berry

    Anarchy Stack - Guggle and 7-Keto DHEA added to stack

    Diet: 3000 Calories per day
    Meal replacements
    Whey Protein
    Flax Oil
    Tons of food

    Workout: DoggCrap Style

    Even though I know it is not advised I'm Hard Headed and went with two methylated substances for 45 days. I started the Anabol the first 2 weeks and then took both for last 4 weeks of the cycle.
    The end result was:

    Bench: 265 4x to 315 6x
    Squat: 225 2x to 405 2x
    Straight Bar curl: 75 5x to 135 8x

    Final weight on December 5th was 238 up 18 pounds from 220.
    I wanted to make sure these gains were solid before I posted so I waited until today to weigh again and post. Todays weight is 235 but I think alot is attributed to the clen and the Anarchy Stack.
    I hope to post pics soon! I usually get very lethargic from 1-Test but the Anabol had me jacked and happy the whole time. My strength gains were amazing especially once the M-1-T was added. That week my bench and squat jumped up 25lbs. and 40lbs. respectively. My testicles atrophied slightly but less than I thought they would. I feel great post cycle and most of the water has gone.

    Also I would like to note that I was taking a Nolva eod after the second week because I couldn't stand the bloat from the Anabol.

    The stack was also economical also:

    Anabol - $80.00
    Methyl-1 Test - $40.00
    Having the f*ckers in the gym ask what your technique is because your getting huge - PRICELESS

    M-1-T is the truth baby!

  2. Nice work! Awesome gains.

  3. I agree, pretty great results. Did you happen to get any bloodwork/values tested before and after?

  4. Impressive strength gains. Wow.
  5. Bloodwork

    I won't know my liver values until next month when I go for my annual physical.

  6. Few things I was wondering:

    If you are going to go the illegal route and use anabol, why not use test?

    Did you stay away from squats before? I ask b/c a 225 squat is not much but to increase to 405 is amazing unless you just were not squating before.
  7. KFlex
    KFlex's Avatar

    How's the PCT going, did you keep all your gains?

  8. No I had I had never squatted or even leg pressed before. The amazing thing is that even post cycle I am still gaining strength . My current squat max is 425 1x I did this on Wednesday. My weight is holding steady at 234 I have cut calories down to 2200 a day and my workouts are still intense. Why haven't I shot test? Honestly I just wanted to get my feet wet with AAS. I didn't expect these gains to stay at all but as it turns out they are definitely real. My next cycle will be Anabol for 8 weeks and Sustanon 250 for 12 weeks starting in March. I have all the gear on hand it's just a matter of time now.


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