Most Effective to take with Test Cyp..Anti-Estrogen or Anti-Aromatase?

  1. Most Effective to take with Test Cyp..Anti-Estrogen or Anti-Aromatase?

    I am taking 200mg of test cyp every week. I am looking for the most effective product to take while on this level. My main goal is to keep water retention down as I do some modeling and maintain as much sex drive as possible. I am currently undergoing TRT. I am 31, 186lbs, 7-8% bf or so. New to the forum so any help suggestions would be great. Any other thoughts and input would be appreciated
    I also take synthroid at 100mcg a day for a thyroid condition.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ace7863 View Post
    I am currently undergoing TRT.
    If you are undergoing TRT, why not ask your Dr what he thinks?

  3. i like aromasin the best on paper but i havent used it. I have to ask tho, why dont you ask your doctor since you are on HRT...?

  4. I asked during the last visit when I was taken off testim due to continued low libido and fatigue. We decided to go with weekly injections of 150 mg and I am actually doing 200 instead. I wasn't really given an answer either way other than lets see how things go before trying either adex or another product. I am mainly looking at those with real world experience from using the anti-est and anti-aroma as to which products work the best for water retention issues and the least problem of causing low libido.

  5. most docs wouldn't know the answer anyway. aromasin is very similar to Erase. I would give erase a run 2-3 caps and see if that helps. I am prescribed test cyp also. my doc doesn't give me enough arimedex so I am still learning how much erase is good to go along with only 1 arimadex a week



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