Cycle Question

  1. Cycle Question

    I'm going to begin a cycle of M-1T in January. My plan is to do 10 mg's a day, stacked with a 4-AD trans, with Nolva for my PCT. The cycle I am planning for is a two week on, two week off, two week on.

    My question is, during the two weeks off in mid cycle, should I continue with the 4-AD, or would it be wise to stop? And, would it be recommended to use the Nolva during this time, before starting up the next two weeks? If so, how long should I use the Nolva for?

    Please forgive my ignorance concerning this. With so many posts concerning M-1T and the different cycles, my brain froze up (which doesn't take much to do ).

    Any help with this matter is appreciated.

  2. Discontinue the 4-AD as well.

    Use the nolva during the first week of the 2 weeks off. I suggest 40 mg ED for a few days then down to 20 mg ED for the remainder.

  3. Will do...and thanks for that speedy response Chemo.

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