M-1-T cycle log

  1. M-1-T cycle log

    I originally posted this at swoles board, so it is two weeks all lumped into one post, sorry for the length

    Ok everyone I started today, originally I posted I would do 20mg a day, but I changed my mind and decided to try 10mg a day at first to access how it affects me, whether good or bad. Others are getting (at least they say) good results at 10mg per day, so that is where I will start. I am gonna split my dose between morning, at meal one, 5mg and 5mg again at my last meal of the day before bed. If I don't feel much I can always bump up the dosages. I took my first 5mg about 1 hour ago, hoping the legarthy isn't as bad as everyone is saying. Begining weight is 187-188lbs. Not positive for sure, still holding water from saturdays cheat day But I was 187 saturday morning, so it is close enuff. I will update this as much as possible to give you my honest opinion on this, stay tuned .........

    wow, they are not kidding about legarthy! Damn I could barely keep my eyes open at work today, my head kept falling over, If I didn't stay busy and sat down for a couple minutes at my desk, it was shut eye time, damn hope it gets better other than that nothing bad to report

    day three:
    nothing much yet to say, appetite supression and legarthy are still present, back cramps still mildly present no big deal. Strength seems to be on the rise, only have had one workout, will see again tonite for chest nite. Will do a weigh in in another day or two to see if anything is happening

    day 4: day off the gym, nothing special going on, legarthy is still heavy, appetite supression is by far one of the worst things for me right now, as I am on SUP and need to eat my meals, it is hard to do when your not hungry. Little things I do, like washing my hair or brushing my teeth gets my arms pumped, pumped feeling last and last. Will do a weigh in saturday morning to see how thing are going. I know for sure I am up in weight.

    Checked BP on day four it was 125/75 which is very normal for me, so it doesn't seem to be raising it any if at all.

    Ok I know you have all been waiting for this, and my self as well. I hopped on the scale this morning. At first I thought, no way in hell can that be right, so I got off and got back on, over and over again 5 times! I weighed 193.5lbs........

    I started monday at 188lbs, so this is very hard for me to believe, that a legal (for now) substance could work this good.

    day 5:
    legarthy was BRUTAL, and feel asleep a couple times at work, damn this is a bitch it is by far the worse side of this M-1-T, my workout was good, strength gains weren't thru the roof but I think maybe cause I was so tired. Appetite supression was not as bad today. This is one thing that surprises the most out of me, I gained 5.5lbs and I had a bitch of a time getting all my normal SUP calories in this week. BTW I figure I am right around 3600-3800 cal a day. Well that is all for today, will be interesting to see how many of these gains will stay when I come off.

    day 6: nothing really to report, it was my cheat ady so i ate like a damn hog, you all know how that is... lol

    day:7 nothing new here, no way I am stepping on the scale after cheat day, would be fruitless, legarthy is still VERY present, appetite is getting a bit better today, was able to eat everything as planned, didnt feel stuffed today, back cramps are really bad, and I am taking 1500mg of magnesium a day, spread out into 3 doses a day, I think it is more of a lower back pump, instad of a cramp, cuz it only hurts when I am up on my feet for a long time. Will update weight in a few days

    today, day 8 legarthy wasn't as bad today believe it or not, it is an off day, so I am just getting as much rest as possible

    day 9: nothing different again, same thing, lower back pumps (pain) appetite is slightly off, tired all the time, will weigh in again tommorow maybe, did measure chest and arms, chest is up almost 1/2" and arms are up a little over 1/4", thighs up 1/4"

    so I am very pleased so far with the effectiveness of the product

    morning day 10: weigh in time, ok this is getting a little unreal now, I can't believe again what I saw when I got on the scale today, 195lbs! that is 7 freaking pounds now, damn how can anything be that potent?
    I just checked my blood pressure as well, though maybe I was just holding a lot of water, but my veins are still present........anyway when i started my BP was 125/75.........I just drank a cup of coffe before checking it so I am unsure if that will raise it or not but here goes
    .......132/80....not bad, it is up slightly but nothing by far to worry about, I got like 5 days left of this, will keep you all updated. Hopefully I can get some updated G4E pics on here, I would like your opinions on how I have changed this year in going from 158 to 195lbs.......37lbs this year on SUP, not too bad

    day 12: I haven't said much last couple days nothing really new to say...LOL. I think the product is def working, I look and feel bigger, i can tell i have gained, I will do a weigh in again and take more measurements saturday morning before cheat day starts

    well almost done, did my weigh in today before cheat day starts, weighed 196lbs today again I was a bit shocked, 8lbs in 13 days???
    I took measurements as well, here are results:

    arms up: 3/8"
    chest up: 1/2"
    thigh up: 1/2"

    so overall I would give this product two thumbs up. It will be interesting and I will keep you posted on the gains I end up keeping in weeks to come. So I think the pros and cons are

    cons: tired all the time, lower back hurts all the time

    pros: FAST weight gain, no noticeable bloat, did not affect my blood pressure to any real degree, appetite supression, might be good to cut with, short cycles possible

  2. Are you doing any pct with such a short cycle?

  3. no I dont do PCT because I am on HRT yr round, my body does not produde testosterone on its own, so there is nothing to restart.

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