next cycle, looking for a lean bulk cycle, any suggestions??

  1. Cool next cycle, looking for a lean bulk cycle, any suggestions??

    I am looking to put on more size, but am at 9% bodyfat, and want to stay or go lower. What could I do for what I want. Ive heard test e with tren, and ive heard of doing, a test e with eq and finishing up with tren and winny?

    24 yrs old
    3 different cycles
    9% bf

  2. what were ur previous cycles?

  3. d bol

  4. never used test before?

  5. no because I did not want the bloated look. I am really lean and have always just wanted to keep the lean look

  6. as long as u run an AI on cycle bloat should be minimal to nothing. how has ur sex drive been on ur previous cycles?

  7. sex drive was still good, but I was thinking about a test prop/tren cycle with some anavar? Can I expect size from that?


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