what amount for stack

  1. what amount for stack

    I am almost finished with my first ph stack doing 200test/1004ad and have gotten decent lean gains (8lbs 3.5 weeks into it). have purchased 12 grams of 1test and 12 grams of 4ad for another couple cycles.

    was wanting to ad 1,4 andro in the mix..how would 8grams 4ad 4 grams 1test and 3 grams of 1,4 andro be for a bulking cycle? is this enough 1,4? not enough test, etc.

    the cycle after that will be cutting was wanting to finish with 8gr 1test, 4 grams 4ad and 3 grams 1, 4 andro...

    any thoughts are appreciated


  2. sorry, I should have posted this in the recipe section. can one of the mods delete this for me? it says I'm not authorized to recycle.



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