Really Painfull Headaches On Epi..HELP

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  1. Really Painfull Headaches On Epi..HELP

    I have been on epi now for 3 weeks and 3 days at 40mgs.... monday during chest day i have really painfull headache in the middle of a set. i thought this was really odd so i just stoped. i took a sample of Nutarx ignite 45 min before which i though was the problem but it def. wasnt. i took tuesday off and did legs today. the first set i did i had the same pain in the back of my head. the pain was unreal so i chose to stop once again. i am not taking any stimulants of any kind, and hardly any salts. please help.

  2. High blood pressure.

  3. i kinda figured that, im gunna take some garlic,celery and hawthorne extracts. is there anything i cant take that will help fast. it kinda still hurts.... l

  4. 2g of hawthorn berry works for me, within an hour.

  5. What support supplements are you taking while on cycle?

  6. it only really hurt when i lift. i got 565mg of hawthorne and i just took 4 so hopefully it will help. im about to go to cvs and get some other things. how should i dose the garlic and celery?

  7. i didnt take anything but milk thistle and red yeast flaxseed oils

  8. i would assume it is your BP as well. Try upping a water a bit incase dehydration is causing it.

    Otherwise, doesn't hawthorne berry take a week or two to kick in? I could be wrong, but I thought i read that somewhere.

  9. im probably not drinking enough water. im gunna go down to 30mgs and drink a bunch more. thanks maurice. can anyone else think of something to help. thanks people.

  10. Epi ****s up BP pretty bad. I got headaches on Epi and I haven't gotten BP that bad on any other AAS, even [email protected] my bp was 140/80, which is a little elevated for me but not enough to cause headaches.
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  11. well i just got back from cvs and my bp was 125/61...WTF? i still have the pains tho.... im guessing its just deyhdrated. i took d-drol before(p-plex,mdrol,tren combo) without cycle support and never had this problem. im just gunna drink a sh1t load and hope for the best. i really dont wanna stop the cycle. last cycle of this bs i know that much.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by maurice02 View Post
    Otherwise, doesn't hawthorne berry take a week or two to kick in? I could be wrong, but I thought i read that somewhere.
    Supposedly it takes that long to reach full effect. But I can feel it immediately, might be some placebo in there, but whatever works, still works.

  13. Sounds like an exertion headache. They've become a recurring problem for me.

  14. If you feel as if the Epistane is the problem, then discontinue use.
    How old are you?
    If you get the feeling again, try to check your BP immediately.

  15. yeah, damn, there is also another headache type caused by improper breathing during workouts. hmm lemee see if I can find the name...

    just exertion headache apparently

    I just learned about this in cardiology actually and this seems like the most plausible explanation. It's called a Valsalva maneuver. It will cause what is called an exertion headache. Valsalva maneuver is performed when you are holding your breath while lifting. You need to BREATH!

    Some stuff copied from websites, would be best to see your physician if you are concerned about it.
    "Primary exertional headache

    You might experience an exertional headache after prolonged physical exercise, such as weightlifting blah blah.

    Like the cough headache, these headaches sometimes occur as a result of increased pressure in your head, particularly if the exertion is from lifting weights. While straining to heave a weight, you may inadvertently do what's called a Valsalva maneuver, which is the term for trying to exhale while holding your breath. This act — which also can play a role in primary cough headaches — increases pressure in blood vessels in your head. Exertional headaches cause a throbbing pain that gradually builds in intensity and is felt on both sides of your head. The pain can last from five minutes to 48 hours.

    Headaches after exertion can be a benign issue, but they also can point to a serious underlying cause, such as bleeding in the brain or a separation in the lining of an artery in your brain. If you have an exertional headache, see your doctor for an evaluation, particularly if it's your first headache of this type."

  16. just a much water do you drink throughout day? during a workout?

  17. It happens when i do anything labor intensive. moving really fast, lifting weights, etc as for water i dont really guage how much i drink but it porbably isnt enough. i just started to drink a butt load soon as maurice02 said something about it.

    It could be exertion headache. because it wasnt there when i woke up today but when i lifted legs today it started and hasnt stopped.

    I just turned 22 the 24th.

  18. it could be that you are not breathing properly...try drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water a day..see if that helps.

  19. Im pretty sure its a exertional headache, ive been doing research on it. Does anyone know what to do for it or what kind of treatments are available?

  20. I've had the same problem but I was pretty sure it was stress related. I don't know if you have any stress in your life from school and/or work, but taking a week off from work did the trick for me. At least for a while...

  21. Quote Originally Posted by ZoomZoom88 View Post
    Im pretty sure its a exertional headache, ive been doing research on it. Does anyone know what to do for it or what kind of treatments are available?
    i'd do moderate to low dose asprin for a couple days personally, and try and limit intensity of workouts (sucks, I know). Slightly longer term may be bumping your fish oil intake

  22. yea im on probation right now for **** that i didnt even do at all. ( some guy had a pipe in my car) but yea there been a bunch of other bs going on in my life that is pretty stressfull. im gunna take a week of and see what happens. thanks yall have been a big help.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by ZoomZoom88 View Post
    Im pretty sure its a exertional headache,
    Did you just start going to the gym that this is the first time you've gotten these?

  24. yea i just had one monday during my chest workout. im pretty sure the breathing and the nutrex ignite caused it

  25. I had a headache on havoc literally the entire month i was running it. It got so bad when I was lifting that I basically couldn't even do legs at full capacity for the entire cycle. My blood pressure was perfect, and I was taking cycle support throughout. I'm now on a p-plex cycle and I feel absolutely fine, in fact I actually feel quite good on it, I guess thats the "feeling of euphoria" that I read about. I absolutely will not run any epi/havoc clones again due to the headaches.


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