Post M1T Cycle (6-OXO) Thread

  1. Post M1T Cycle (6-OXO) Thread

    Well Today is the first day of My Post Cycle Cycle.

    I did 30 Days of 20 Mgs M1T/4 Aderm- 6-10 Squirts a Day

    I went from:

    158 Nov 5
    180 Dec 5

    Now Im going to do 6-OXO for 4 Weeks

    Im going to keep my Cals. up About (3500)

    To see my Cycle Look for the Log.

  2. I think you may need something stronger than 6-oxo after a month on M1t at 20mg. I have taken 6-oxo & nolva together with great results.

    I am coming off 5 weeks 1t/4ad/OHt followed by 2 weeks M1t & I'm using nolva & clomid for PCT because I was concerned about recovery.

  3. How Much Nolva?

  4. 2ml for five to seven days, then 1ml for the next two weeks. Buy the nolva at powernutrition and it will last you for two post cycles.

  5. Today was Chest Day

    Incline Press- 185x12, 240x6, 260x2

    DB Bench Press- 110'sx8, 125'sx3

    DB Incline Press- 95'sx7, 110'sx3/5 (2 Negatives)

    Bench Press- 185x12, 240x6, 260x3

    Chest felt Stronger today (Thank God!)

  6. For nolva: take 40mg for 7 days, 30mg for 7 days, 10mg for 7 days.

  7. Thanks!!

  8. Any updates on the post cycle? I'm guessing your down 5+ lbs by this point, but hopefully keeping a good part of strength gains.

    With your rapid weight gain I don't think your body would 'allow' you to keep all the lbs. Even the best PCT would eventually probably leave you at around 170...which would still be pretty damn good.

    Give us a 'heads up' when you get a chance.

  9. I am, im 175 LB's, the Strength Gains are Staying/Getting Better. Id like to Get to 200 Though.

  10. Well, that is still a large increase for 4 weeks.

  11. Originally posted by size
    Well, that is still a large increase for 4 weeks.
    No Excuses!! JK

    I know. But Itd be Nice to Keep The Gains!!

  12. did you just stick with the 6 oxo or decide to go with the nolva???

  13. no just Using THe 6-OXO.

  14. Nice work Wildman. You've managed to keep a lot of that weight which is really cool.

    With all that 4AD I would have gone with some Nolva as well but that's just me. 4AD really bloats me up so I figure I'm getting a lot of aromatization.

  15. How much of 6 oxo are you taking?

  16. 600 Mgs A Day.

  17. Thanks for the replies. I'll definitely follow your progress. We seem to be about the same weight and with compareable strenght levels.
    Just curious how tall are you?

  18. At 600mg a day, you are paying a arm and a leg for that stuff. You could do either 2 three week PCT's of nolva for 40 bucks, or do three two week PCT for the smae price. Why pay more for less product, and a less superior product?

  19. sifu- thats a good Question. Ive Always Used 6-OXO.

    socrates-Im 175, 5'7


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