Just wanted to say hello. I have been off the boards for some time. I have been on and off since 99. I was abound when the old Meso,Gade and Triedia were around. The Anabolc World and Roid Farm too. I am offshore for work a lot so it is hard for me to stay regular. I am working onshore full time now. I just started my own business and am only taking contracts here where I live now for the most part.
About my experience. I am 35. 5'11'' and 230lbs at the moment. Not sure about my bf % but my pants are a 33in waiste at the moment so it is about where I want it. I have done several cycles, usually run 2 per year.
My next one will be is a few weeks. It will be as follows.
wks 1-12 75mg tren ed
wks 1-12 150mg test prop ed
wks 7-12 50mg zambon winny eod (possibly ed) not sure yet.
wks 1-20 4iu gh ed 5/2
1500mg ala ed
500mg cran ext ed
500mg milk thistle ed
.5mg adex eod. Might up the dose if need be.
and pct as usual..
Most of my cycles look about the same. I change the doses and add some EQ from time to time. But I have found what works, so I stick with it. I am not one for bulking cycles then to cutting cycles. I just try to keep my diet fairly clean and put on quality weight. I started at about 165 several years ago so I am doing pretty good.
Any opinions?