I wanna do a 8/10 weeks low dose pulse cycle with epistane.

This is the first time i have used a PH.
I have bean lifting weights for more then 2 years now
I have a low/hi diet 2000cals on low 2500 on hi carb day

i'm 1.71m and 73kg bf13% that's 5'6" and 160 lbs for US people :P

What i would like to know is if it is useful to run epistane at 20mg this long?
and if there is any thing i should take extra on the off day's ?

The pulse cycle will look like this

wk 1: 10/20/20
wk 2-10: 20/20/20

On the cycle i will be using the following products
Potassium Gluconate 1gr
Taurine 2-4gr
Cissus 2gr
AI Cycle Support 2 scoops
I3C 200mg 3x

As for the PCT witch are OTC product.
AI Post Cycle Support

Any suggestion for PCT are welcome they do have to be OTC products.