superdrol / 11 oxo stack newbie question???

  1. superdrol / 11 oxo stack newbie question???

    I have 3 bottles of 11 oxo and 1 bottle of s drol from fast action. What would be the best way to run this?

    History...1 test/mast cycle 2 years ago and a 4 week h drol cycle last Oct.

    starting at 6'3" 260 and 12% bf waist 38
    goal is 260-265 and 8-9% bf waist 35

    Diet will be Intermittent Fasting 18/6 split and 850 defeciet cals.

    workout at 2 pm and I will break the fast with a creatine, arginine, glutamine and dextrose drink at 3 pm and 1st meal at 3:30. Eating will stop at 9 pm. I might add in a 50 gram whey shake at 10am mixed with 2 tbls of fish oil when I take 1st dose of super..

    All clean food with low carb meals on non-wo days mon, weds, sat which will be cardio.

    I have been on this diet for 8 days so far and am loving it, working out in a fasted state seems stronger and quicker.

    Other supps are

    AX lean fx
    liver x
    ARLI restore

  2. i was thinking

    1-3 weeks superdrol 20/20/20
    2-5 weeks 11 oxo 300mg ed

    4-7 weeks clomid 10/50/25
    5-9 weeks restore
    5-9 weeks lean FX

  3. I'm going

    weeks 1-3 s drol 20/20/20-30?
    weeks 3-7 11 oxo 300mg ed

    weeks 8-12 clomid and alri restore

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