1st cycle test E AND TEST prop

  1. 1st cycle test E AND TEST prop

    i am starting my first cycle ever i hope to gain another 15 solid lbs

    19'' arms
    27'' thighs
    18'' calves
    3 years of lifting experience

    my cyle: 12 weeks
    [email protected] 1-4 weeks
    500mg test E 1-12weeks
    250mg test prop 1-12weeks

    pct: week 14-18

    [email protected] 40/40/20/20

    i may throw in some clomid but what do you guys think so far
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  2. thats alot for a first cycle...why not just drop the test prop and do the cycle with the test-e and dbol that is way too much for your first time dude if you do this cycle youll probally think like everyone else and think that you have to up the dose next cycle what are you gonna do then a gram of test for your second cycle be smart heres what i suggest

    dbol 40mgs,weeks1-4
    test-e 500mgs weeks 1-12

  3. There's no point in running prop alongside TestE the entire time. Prop would be useful in the first 4 weeks to kickstart but you have Dbol doing that

    Just drop the prop, it's just unnecessary pinning. If you want a big test dose then bump it to 750 but it's probably a better idea to run 500 until it kicks, guage that, then see if you want to bump to 750.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by debo1984 View Post
    3 years of lifting experience
    how much weight have you put on in those 3 years?

  5. You seriously need to re-think your cycle .. this is a poorly thought out run. Who the hell combines Prop with Enanthate [or Cyp for that matter]? If you don't have the patience to wait three weeks to 'feel the effects' off of Enanthate, run Sustanon250 .. or don't run anything at all is more than likely the safest bet. 3 years under your belt? Too many people jump the gun on AAS, period ..

    .. OR .. since you ARE a newb, but already willing to pin EOD/E3D, do Prop for 6-10 weeks, depending on your wallet .. If you're experiencing unwanted sides, drop it, and it'll be outta your system much MUCH quicker than any of the longer estered testosterones.
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  6. alright here's the new cycle

    dbol:[email protected]
    test e:[email protected]
    and i put on about 40lbs since i started working out
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by debo1984 View Post
    alright here's the new cycle

    dbol:[email protected]
    test e:[email protected]
    and i put on about 40lbs since i started working out
    that looks alot better bro.have fun gaining .
    be safe.

  8. thanks alot bro i will keep everyone updated i will start on monday


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