My M1T cycle result

  1. My M1T cycle result

    Start date: Nov 13
    End date: Dec 3
    Dose: 10 mg a day. For a few days I split the pills so I can take 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening.
    Routine: Chest/Tri, Legs, Back, Bi/Shoulders
    Cardio: volleyball, ball hockey, basketball

    I started at about 195 lbs. Today I am at about 203 to 207. Interesting because I am eating less, yet I am gaining more than I did on 1T or 1AD. Don't notice hair loss like I did on the other stuff, and jewels are still in good shape. Definitely some pain on the back, and sore feet/shins when I try to run.
    I noticed more strength gain with 1T, probably because I was eating like mad. More vascular on 1T. Pump seems to be better on M1T. No much bloat as compared to T1Pro that I used. Will use Nolva for a week and then decide if I need to continue. Have some left over Fuzu so might consume those too. Like to keep calories high.

    Next time I will start off with the left over T1Pro (likely Feb), and will add in M1T 3 weeks in for the final 2 weeks.

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  2. Sounds good bro keep up the good work. Did you feel it suppressed appetitie at all?

  3. Did you make most of your gains the first 12-14 days like most seem to?

  4. Yup, appetite suppression and most gain occurred between days 10-14 IMO.

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