Finished my first m1t cycle!

  1. Thumbs up Finished my first m1t cycle!

    Ok first off my intent on this cycle was to cut, i weighed 210lbs before i started this cycle and i'm 6'1" and about 17-18% bf, my cals were down to 1800 (i know way below maintence but i wanted to try it)and protein stayed at 220g per day, and carbs were low and non after 5pm, and fat was very low. my meals were mainly 3-4 cans of tuna a day w/ 3-4 protein shakes, and 2 chicken breasts in there.

    day's 1-5
    started at 210lbs and went down to about 208
    day 6
    went down to 207lbs
    day 7-14
    get this, 207-214 ?!!? wtf happend there?

    diet never changed, stayed the same except on thanks giving which all i ate was turkey, and 2 rolls, and 1 serving of stuffing that's it. then directly after that day i went back on my 1800 cal diet. for some wild reason i gained weight instead of lost it after day 7. i don't look any fatter, infact i got complements from family and friends and kids from my high school i haven't seen in a month, that i look skinnier and more muscular then i did last time they saw me. I've never told them i started working out either. so i'd like some opinions on this?are these 7 lbs lean muscle? because it looks and feels like it? or can m1t retain water?

    On lifts though everything went up since day 3 and on, everytime i went to the gym i got 10lbs more on each lift, if not 15lbs' and 1-2 extra reps. so i'll see what happens on my 2 weeks off m1t to see if i keep the 214lbs. and new found strength.

  2. hhmmm...those results are not typical. I've heard reports that while cutting a few pounds were gained but they were steady. In other words, they gained from day 1 slowly over the course of their cycle...not from day 7-14.

    The proof is in the pudding: how do you rate M-1-T for cutting? Any pointers to your fellow bodybuilders?


    BTW, congrats!

  3. Very interesting. What dosage were you on ? Congrats on your gains !

  4. My weight fluctuated all over the place when i was on M1T. It would be up and down 5 lbs. it drove me crazy, but looking in the mirror was the best way for me to gauge results. i weight about 170lbs.

  5. i gotta give m1t a 9 outta 10, only complaint was i was DAMN tired hahah. i guess that helped muscle growth though =D. but ya i recommend this stuff for cutting, because it did surpress my hunger, and gave me great pumps, btw i also took m1t with 1000mg of milk thistle, 1000mg of pottasium, 2000mg of taurine, and 1000 mg of hawthorn berry. so i didn't have any sides besides lethargy and very minor cramping on the last 2 days. ya i use the mirror too as a gauge hehe. i'd say i lost a good amount of fat in the mid and upper section of my body, and prolly dropped a couple % in body fat maybe 1-2% but all in all it's awsome. i'm gonna give it another go after 2 weeks off. also i was on 20mg ED.

  6. also forgot to add that i weigh myself at least 5 times a day and use the number that's most seen. and i try to weigh myself at the same times.

  7. so m1t can be used for bulking, cutting and getting stronger. if it would just get me a date now then i'd be set...can we work on this legalgear?

  8. hahaha, i saw that legal gear is providing for millenium and the bottle looks different, is it the same batch just rebottled? the m1t i used for my cycle was mesolabs. also any advise on keeping my gains on such a low cal intake. again my reason was cutting but i gained 7 total lbs on 1800 cals. and i don't know if these gains will stick around when i'm off cycle. thanks guys

  9. Do not cut right away. you will lose all your gains very fast. i learned the hard way. keep above maintenance for at least 2 weeks during PCT. you should retain most of your strength and weight gains post M1T done right.

  10. ok, PCT is only gonna be 2 weeks becuae i will be right back on the 20mg ed for 2 weeks again. as soon as i rest for 2 weeks.


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