new cycle need some feed back..exteme tren/epi

  1. new cycle need some feed back..exteme tren/epi

    so after a few days of research i have came to the conclusion and finally choosen the products i will be stacking.
    this is by no means my 1st Ph cycle ,have also done a few gear cycles.anyways.. here it goes

    (xtreme Tren)
    week 1-30-60mg
    week 2-60-90mg
    week 3-90mg
    week 4-90mg-120
    epistane <bridge into week 3

    CEL--Cycle assist _two week preload
    hawthrone berry
    saw palmetto

    FA-revive test booster
    Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20

    please just looking for some advice and maybe some tweakage to the cycle to maximize my results

  2. watch blood pressure during week four....

  3. ya thats the only thing i was a little concered about bc i dont wana have nose bleeds all the time shouldnt a good does out cardo,hawthrone berrys and some celery extract do the trick?

  4. will help but at 40mg epi/90-120 of xtreme tren your blood pressure may be too high even with those things. everyone is different, just monitor it closely and adjust accordingly.

  5. how long do u think id want to stay on the tren could i shorten by one
    week or maybe knock a week off the epi

  6. you could run it 7 weeks instead of 6. tren 1-4 and epi 5-7

  7. I just don't think "tren" and Epi is a good combo. They both cause high BP i think it may become a problem if you have had high BP on cycle before.
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