My once a day oral cycle

  1. My once a day oral cycle

    I will be taking 300mg 4-AD and 300mg Nor-doil, once in the morning. My goal will be to put on a few pounds in 4-8 weeks with as little suppression as possible. Also my goal is to protect my prostate and minimize side effects. 4-AD has bothered my prostate in the past and I知 hoping the combo of Nor-doil and 4-AD once in the morning helps keep prostate trouble to a minimum. If my prostate starts to bother me I知 dropping the 4-AD and if my dick goes limp I知 dropping it all together.

    P.S. Please don稚 argue about effectiveness. I知 going to try this and if I put on a few pounds I値l be happy. I知 not sure if it will work, so this is an experiment on myself.

  2. Good luck with the cycle...

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