M1T/CKD Cycle

  1. M1T/CKD Cycle

    Alright, based on the advice and information I have gotten from here and CKD, I am going to use the Keto diet along with a cycle of M1T. I will post my measurements later on today, and will take progress pics today and at the conclusion of a 3 week cycle.

    What I hope to accomplish PERSONALLY: I am going to try and lean bulk. I'm already a fatazz, so I don't want to add any more fat if I don't have to. I don't know what to expect from the M1T, so we'll see.

    What I hope to accomplish with this JOURNAL: Hopefully someone can benefit from seeing the CKD along with M1T, honest results, and a fair and impartial evaluation of the PH itself. I have not taken a PH for at least a year, and I don't intend to change anything about my workout, other supplementation, or diet. Ideally someone else can benefit from what I evaluate.

    Here's how things look right now, generally. Like I said, I will get specific measurements later on today.
    285 (today)@19.2% bf (measured last thu or fri).
    I haven't maxed with either bench or squat in several months, but here are the lifts I used for the 1 rep sets while on the Power Matrix
    Bench: 385-theoretical max of 425 (according to PM chart)
    Squat: 425-theoretical max of 455
    Deadlift: 545-actual max. Pulled it ~10 days ago
    Some typical lifts for me would include:
    Incline DB Press-130x10 (heaviest weights in the gym )
    BW Pullups-290 (BW) x8
    Box Squat-365x3

    You get the idea. Just trying to be as comprehensive as possible. I will post my routine, diet, and supplementation this evening after the day is concluded. Please feel free to ask, evaluate, critcize, or whatever else. I am aware no one here is doing anything but trying to help.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  2. Measurements-all taken cold but flexed.

    Upper Arm-L&R-18"
    Neck-18 1/8"
    [email protected] 3/4"
    [email protected] 1/2"
    [email protected]"
    Upper Leg-L-28, R 27 3/4"
    Calves L-17 3/4" R-17 1/4"
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  3. 11/24/03 Diet

    5 Whole eggs
    2 tbsp cream cheese
    2 tbsp flax oil
    1/4 c shredded cheddar cheese

    2 mozzarella sticks
    1/3c mixed nuts

    6 oz chicken breast

    1 serving ON 100% Whey


    3 serving ON 100% whey
    38g dextrose w/creatine

    12 oz steak
    1 mozzarella stick
    1 tbsp peanut butter
    1 tbsp cream cheese

    2 tbsp flax seed oil

    Daily total: 3340 calories//210g fat//72g carbs//297g protein
    Carb breakdown: 38g PWO//8g dietary fiber//26g other
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  4. 11/24/03


    Incline DB Press

    DB Flye

    Flat DB Bench (R/P)

    Also did 10 minutes pre and post workout cardio (light intensity)

    Supplemented with:
    1.5g potassium
    700 mg ALA
    20 mg M1T
    Vit. C
    2g calcium
    12g creatine
    20g glutamine
    This should remain constant, just wanted to throw it in there. I will be adding the magnesium and milk thistle tomorrow, just didn't get to the store today.

    Not a bad workout, but my diet was a tad off, as I didn't wake up until almost noon, so I have had to cram. Need to get my workout right, then everything should be smooth thereafter.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  5. 11/25/03

    2 scoops ON 100% Whey (in water)

    14 oz steak
    1 italian sausage
    1 tbsp flax oil

    1/3c Mixed nuts
    4 small slim jims
    1 stick mozzarella string cheese

    8 oz chicken breast
    1 tbsp flax oil

    1 tbsp cream cheese
    1 tbsp peanut butter
    2 sticks string cheese

    Daily Total: 2953 Calories//195g fat//23g carbs//275g protein

    Off day for the diet today. Had a bunch of errands to run, then ended up falling asleep early on the couch. Missed my cals by about 5-600.

    No lifting today (MWF split), but hit 30 min of AM cardio. Legs tomorrow.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.



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