kilo m1t

  1. kilo m1t

    started two days ago at 188lbs. After reading DC and IA's post in exercise/training i'm really upping my protein in hopes of going through the 200lb mark on this 2 week cycle.

    Today at the gym I do chest/tricepts (push day). I will weigh myself then. Any comments on my excerises would be GREATLY appreciated.

    so far I superset everything.
    5 sets of inclinebench/Cables flies
    4 sets of cable tricept extension/dumbell fly's
    4 sets of dips/military press
    4sets of seated calf raises/incline dumbell press

    this takes me approximately an hour to do when i push hard. I drink nlarge2 w/ glutamine as i do this.

    so far i'm getting lethargic on this cycle just as I did on meso's products. I can practically feel it working as I did on meso's. I gained about 5lbs on meso's but got a drastically harder/firmer look and strength through the roof. i'll keep this updated since so many want to know how kilo's is doing...

    any advice on my lifts would be appreciated.

    my lifting is a mon/tue/thur/fri split by doing a push (chest/tricepts), pull (bicepts/back), then legs. i just keep repeating this through the days i lift. normally my reps are starting with 10 and ending with 4 or so.

    leg day i do 4 sets of deadlifts, 4 sets of squats, 4 sets of leg press, then end with a burning 4 sets of a superset legpress/legcurl.

    i do calves everyday except leg day.

    thanks everyone,
    I WILL ****ING GET 200LBS

  2. Personally I think that you are over training. you could try somthing like this.
    bench 2-3 sets x5
    Military press 2 sets x8-12
    Extentions 1 set x15
    and if you need to one set of side laterals.

    Deads 4 sets x 4-6
    squats 4 sets x 4-6 but only go to faileur on the last set of each
    Calf raises 2 sets x 15
    You should not train calves any more often than any other muscle

    You could also try 20 rep squats they rilly put on the size and strength.

    But if you want rilly good training info you should ask Iron Addict for help.

  3. for legs how does this sound. 2 sets of 6 reps deadlifts then 1 set of 20 rep squats?

    i am taking 30mg of kilo m1t and will keep this updated. so far the only side is being extremly lethargic. my pump today was insane. i am now 190lbs.

  4. I think I would do the 20 rep squats first then do the deads, or maby just strait leg deads. Unless you are more concerned with your deads then you could do 1 set of 20 rep deads followed by 1-2 sets of leg press.

  5. i'll do the 20 reps first then...normally i spend about 1hr-1.5 hours lifting. you think thats too much huh?

  6. i do go till failure on many lifts though...

  7. im on the same push/pull system myself. i also think you are overtraining. for chest/tri's i pre-exhaust with inc fly's then go to incline DB presses, dips, then CGBP's. thats it and i have a killer workout in 45 minutes tops. its not volume, its intensity. for back/bi's i do pull downs, BODR's, DL's, then i throw in a set of hammer curls. legs are leg extensions and squats and standing calf raises. i only do about 3 isolation exercises. i stick with the basic heavy compound lifts. im also on the kilo m1t right now and im up almost 5 lbs since the 21st. havent weighed myself today though. dont have any sides. hunger is increased and so is my sex drive. good luck and keep us posted.
    deadlift or DONT lift

  8. i'm at 191lbs today...just hammered my legs in a 20rep squat (didn't have enough first time so i'll up it next time). then followed with 2 10 rep leg presses that ****ING HURT! i couldn't do anything after that so i stretched and left.

    took another nap. only side affect so far is sleeping. i'm just trying to see how body reacts to the 30mg i'm taking. so far its not bad at all.

    my 2nd week of this i'm going to hit 10 pumps of clomid then my 1st week off i'm going to hit 10 pumps a day of nolva. one week break then hit thsi cycle up once more.

    i'll keep this updated

  9. up to 192lbs.

    my calfs hurt so bad from doing what was said in that cycles on pennies. so far only side is lethargic still, this is day 5. i'm up about 4 or 5lbs so far.

    by far the hardest thing is for me to get the amount of protein that DC said i should aim for. this is a big challenge. wouldn't surprise me to see myself get hugly fat off this. i feel like i'm always eating a shake, eggs, meat, etc...but hey, even if i'm fat i'll be over 200lbs


  10. was 194 today before my brothers wrestling practice. i help the team out and wrestle with them, surely got my cardio today and lost a lb or two of water weight during practice. the scale was an official one also, so thats cool. i'm going to weigh in again on friday. hopefully 195...

  11. 195lbs. i'm gaining more weight on 30mg of kilosports m1t then i did on 20mg of mesolabs. i'm not as tired either. i still take normally a 30 min nap, but i use to take two most days while on meso labs. i'm not sure why that is. i'm putting on more weight with less sides for some odd reason.

  12. well i don't get cramps when lifting or throughout the day. i did help out at my brothers high school wrestling practice and while going live for 6 min my arms felt like they were going to fall off. definately cramps. i'm assuming the prolonged hard use of them caused it. i've never had them hurt like that before. not sure exactly why/what happened, but i'm sure its the m1t that caused them to cramp or something...they are fine now that i've been done with practice for a few hours.

  13. Are you taking potassium or any NO2 supplements on this cycle ?

    What is your complete daily supplement list ?
    Email: pt [at]

  14. i do not take those since i've never had a problem with them. when i test m1t i test it alone.

    i take flax oil, multi vit, creatine, protein, m1t only

    i don't get any cramps, just did when i was wrestling and i think it was because the length of time i was having to flex. so far this 30mg is going just great and i'm happy with my results. i do eat a banna a day or so though...but thats just because i like them


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