Help Me Build a Hardcore Cycle.

  1. Help Me Build a Hardcore Cycle.

    I have:
    1 x Paper Dianabol - 10mg x 200 Squares
    1x Bottle : Methyl XT (75caps)
    1x Bottle : Bold 200 (60caps)
    1x Omnevol (60caps)
    1 x Paper Clomid - 50mg x 20 Squares
    1 x Paper Nolvadex - 50 Squares x 10mg

    I have all this sitting around.. ima be moving out soon and id love to get rid of it all in one cycle without killing me ofc maybe only use half the dbol. Lmk what u guys think, and Try TO STAY ON TOPIC Plz

  2. I'd use the d-bol and forget about the other orals in the cycle, too harsh on your liver and if it's real deal d-bol way more gains then those otc. I'd use the clomid on cycle for estrogenic sides and save the nolva for off cycle. If you have access to real roids I wouldn't even mess with these otcs... IMO a lot worst on you then real gear and not as much benefit. I'd try to get some injectable test and or deca and stack with the d-bol, that would be great.

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