my first m1t cycle

  1. my first m1t cycle

    i started my cycle yesterday. i got it from kilosports and i dont know if its the placebo effect or what but i feel great. i have energy and im jacked up all day long and cant wait till hit the gym. some people have said that the 1ad makes them tired but that jacked me up as well so maybe its just how it affects me. all i know is i feel really ****ing good at only day 2, 10 mgs a day. i plan tot ake it for 2 weeks, 10 mg the first couple days to see how it affects me(sides, etc) then maybe bump it up to 20 mgs. i ordered some more from PN (excellent customer service by the way) with some nolv for the post cycle. ill try to update as often as possible. currently im 6 2 , 202 lbs. i eat anything in site lately seeing as how im a ectomorph and im not worried about gaining some fat. im currently on a HIT push/pull 3 day routine and its working great. i dont do many isolation(sissy) excercises , just the basics. DL's, squats, preses, rows, dips, etc. my diet is at around 3800 calories im thinking of bumping it up to 4,000. let me know if you gusy want anymore info. im hitting chest today so ill let you know how that goes. ill try to post my progress as often as possible. late...
    deadlift or DONT lift

  2. thanks for posting. im very interested how the kilosports 1 test goes as i have 4 bottles on the way . im going to do a 4 week cycle at 10 mgs . please let me know about your strength increases as this stuff should kick in quick. good luck keep us posted.

  3. last night i did chest and tri's and all my lifts went up. i even added 4 more reps to dips. like i said before i dont know if this is the placebo effect because it seems to be kicking in very quickly. i also decided to take 20 mgs a day instead of 10. also i ate about 4400 calories yesterday as opposed to my usual of around 3800. my postworkout meal consisted of 2 chicken breasts, a steak, and some red potatoes and of course my PW shake. 30 minutes later i was practically starving so i ate 2 1/4 hamburgers and some more red potatoes. about an hour later i was starving so i ate a huge salad with about 12 oz of chicken in a can. before bed i was still hungry so i made a 800 calorie shake. i woke up feeling like my stomach was eating itself. so far, so good. im not complaining. i just weighed myself and im up exactly 3 lbs. =-)
    deadlift or DONT lift

  4. I'm at day 7 of 10mg and I noticed the energy boost you mentioned. Today I'm feeling lethargic but it may be due to a heavy physical work load on top of my workouts. As of day 5 I was up 3 lbs on what would be considered a cutting diet. Definite body composition changes happening..I dig it.

  5. day 3, and im up over 4 lbs. didnt work out today. no lethargy yet, HUNGRY as ****. no other sides.
    deadlift or DONT lift

  6. Keep the posts coming Omega.

  7. count yourself lucky cuz many have appetite suppression and bad lethargy from M1T.

  8. just got back from doing legs. was a little tired before the workout but all lifts went up. up over 5 lbs on day 4. =-)
    deadlift or DONT lift

  9. just got back from doing my push day. was going to do back/bi's but my legs are still sore and cant DL. all lifts went up again. in 7 days ive added 10 lbs to my dum press. not bad eh? went down in weight a lil but i attribute that to not eating that good on thanksgiving. ( i know i know but my grandpa died the day before so i wasnt in the mood to shovel down food) keep you guys posted. so far, so good. no sides, just weight gain and strength. =-)
    deadlift or DONT lift

  10. Sorry to hear about your grandfather man.

    Keep up the good work and great gains!

  11. did back and bi's today. all lifts went up again. added 20 lbs on my DL and 10 lbs on my BODR. i went up to 30mgs a day for 3 days and noticed lethargy and couldnt stay hard so i put an end to that real quick. up 11 lbs since the 21st. seems like the super fast gains have stopped for the most part at around 10 lbs. we'll see. keep you guys posted.
    deadlift or DONT lift

  12. sorry guys i forgot about my thread till today. i ended up staying on for 21 days and gained about 14 lbs but only ended up keeping about 7 due to a bad diet. strength is still going up though. noticed more strength than size gains.
    deadlift or DONT lift


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