1. would...?

    Running a cycle of epi, lean fx, anabolic edge and oxy, hemo, or fera (not all 3)...would running all that together be completely conflicting and in short idiotic?

  2. hemaguno is epistane.

  3. didn't mean to type hema in there...just got caught in the roll of those 3 ahah

  4. oxyguno is a similar compund to halodrol, but slightly molecularly different (the only other compund i know of for sure that has the same formula is Oxanabolan by BCI). Furaguno is orastan-A.

  5. You could do epistane, oxy, and orastan-a if you wanted.

  6. appreciate your input and time...

  7. i'm deployed right now...and not too comfortable ordering nolva to where at..any suggestions as far as that goes?


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