My M-1-T Opinions

  1. My M-1-T Opinions

    Alrighty folks, after all the hype surrounding m1t I had to buy into it and give this stuff a run. The tabs were Meso Brand picked up in the swap meet from a good bro. Today marks the end of two weeks. The progress went as follows:

    Days 1-3: Ran at 10mg and saw an immediate gain of 2 lbs. The second day I woke in the morning with an intense charlie horse in the arch of my foot. In addition, I experienced what I feel was probably the back cramps so many people complained of. However, since I have chronic back pain issues it simply felt like a usual flare up for me and I gritted my teeth through it. For the first two days I also experienced very mild headaches. Increased Hawthorn Berry to 4 caps a day (565mg each) and by the third day they were gone, as was the back pain.

    Days 4 - 6: No change in body composition, no change in weight. With the headaches gone and no lethargy/appetite suppression etc being experienced, I bumped the dosage to 20mg.

    Days 7 - 10: Mild appetite suppression, gained an additional pound (up 3 lbs in 10 days) No noticeable strength gains throughout. On the 10th day approx 4 hours after dosing I experienced an incapacitating pain deep in my right side. Not in a muscle, but an organ. The pain put me out of commission all night and through the next morning.

    Day 8: I drank 1 gallon of water over a 3 hour period and the pain ceased. I dropped my dose back to 10mg. Still no significant strength increases.

    Days 9 - 14: Continued at 10mgs. Gained 1 more lb, and have experienced 0 sides since day 8.

    Used standard liver protection supps while on.

    My opinion: Interesting compound. Over 14 days I gained a quality 4lbs. My strength increases were no greater than my standard progress every time I enter the gym. I did notice an increased pump, which made full range of motion difficult on some exercises, though I did not experience the "full body" or spontaneous pumps so many people mentioned. The biggest surprise was comments from co-workers who see me on an almost daily basis and family members I haven't seen in awhile. Repeated positive comments about how it looks like I'm really tanking up, etc. I certainly haven't seen much of a change, but apparently friends and family do. 

    Future plans: As of today I'm adding in original T-1 (10g 4ad 5g 1-test) at 4 pumps per day. I'll continue this cycle with the m1t and T-1 for 2 - 4 more weeks and then hit a Nolva / FL7 / Clen PCT.

    Feel free to hit me with whatever questions you've got.

  2. What was your diet like, the very few that made little gains did not increase their calories or didn`t increase them enough.

  3. Diet was > 25 x bodyweight. > 2g/lb protein. Macros were about 30/50/20 c/p/f which is my standard diet. I naturally gain using this diet and training, so I made no changes to either. Anabolics should simply speed up the process since I already have all the other factors under control.

    I don't remember reading any cycle logs naming greater than 5lbs in 2 weeks for people running solely m1t. Might just be forgetting them though, there's been soooo many m1t logs lately. Feel free to bop me on the head if you think of a couple.

  4. How much 4-ad is reccomended w/ the M1T for max (lean) gains?
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  5. Originally posted by Deoudes59
    How much 4-ad is reccomended w/ the M1T for max (lean) gains?
    I have yet to see a direct statement on this. Personally, I'd say the whatever amount that wont bloat you up like a pig. I've seen lots of reports on people running the equivalent dosages of T-4 at 4 pumps per day which would mean a total of 160 mg absorbed daily. (correct my math if I'm wrong.... 12g / 240ml * 8ml a day * .4 absorption = 160mg per day) If I were to go again with m1t and 4ad, I'd start there and increase dosage until I hit unacceptable bloat.

    Maybe some people could bump in with their experiences on their own cycles of m1t/4ad and what they feel is optimal 4ad to add.

  6. Klaus, mind tossing up the links for reference? Save people checking the thread from running around digging through 100 m1t threads just to find ones without 4ad. :P

  7. the thing is, is it is almost impossible to gain weight as fast as some are saying.. people who are sayin they are getting 12-14 lbs in two weeks is measuring wrong.. either they are measuring water weight, or they are inconsistant with the times they are weighing themselves or something.. cause lets be realistic even drol users dont get results like that.. even with gear usage weight takes time.. and a lot of these people are saying they are leaning out while gaining these poundages.. riiight.

  8. I agree with you lake some of these gains are ludicrous I gained 5 lbs on 10 mg per day and im no won 20 mg per day and im on track to gain 7 more, most of the guys who claim 10-14 lb gains are either newbies or they are stacking with other stuff or they are coming off of a cutting cycle or.... well anyway I question no ones claims and I am sure there is an explanation for everything

  9. i gained 5 quality pounds off M1T @15mg ed. i'm more than happy, but was also puzzled how so many gained +10 pounds in 2 weeks. maybe it's because i'm a veteran now with 15 years of lifting and 9 ph cycles under my belt. i'll just be happy with another solid 5 pounds, but the sides(lethargy and moody) just about killed me with M1T. not sure if i'll go thru it again, IMHO.

  10. 8 pounds over a 2 week cycle here (20mg ed), but if I run another cycle, it'll be at 10mg. The lower back cramping became incapacitating. Could not even squat on my last lifting day of the cycle.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  11. yeah i hear you guys... im just not seeing very good effects on these short cycles.. and honestly enough i would prolly consdier doing tren or dbol over this stuff


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