Sauce 1-T HD Cycle

  1. Sauce 1-T HD Cycle

    Well I've waited all week to post this. I'm finally going to start my new long awaited cycle today. And I'm really excited too as I have a brand new product that has been out only a couple days. I am going to use the new Syntrax Sauce 1-T HD. It is 1-test dissolved in sesame oil with a (Hexyldecanoate) Ester attached and is super-lipophilic (fat soluble) which will allow for the steroidal nutrient to freely escape the first pass liver degradation process and get unharmed into the circulatory system where SAUCE 1-T can do its magic.
    It is 3-5x stonger than THP ether, undecanoate, or ethylcarbonate technology, even transdermals!!
    I want to do 600 mg a day. But at the absorption that is possible, I will wait to see how the lathargy is to see if I have to bump the dosage down. Also I may end up running some 4/ad transdermal with it. I will wait and see how the sides are. I want to give this a fair shot by itself to see the true effectiveness. Also new this time, I am going to run Aromazap post cycle instead of 6-oxo. I'm interested in how this will work. I will do a least 20 days(if I take 6/day) or maybe longer if I bump the dosage down.

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  3. Thanks!

  4. Started running a little 4 aderm I had left with this. I also have a bottle of BDC's gel with DMSO and some 4/ad powder when and if I run out.
    Staying real hungry. Eating everything I can get!

  5. A quick update from yesterday. Having taken Thursday off to pig out, got back to the gym yesterday. I felt for the first time that I felt stronger than normal. Didn't try to increase weight but the normal weight went up way easier. I done some close grip bench for tri's and 215 for 10 went up easy. Normally I do 6 or 7. I can't wait till Monday to see how normal bench goes.

  6. Well the verdict is slowly coming in. This is awesome. I've been on 1-T for a week and 2 days now. Today was Bench day. Last week I did 275 for 4 and 300 1 time. Today I got 275 6 times easy and then went directly to 315. I got it on my first attempt fairly easy and tried a 2nd. My spotter just had to put one finger under it to get it up. My strength has SHOT up this past week. And with being only on for little over a week, I'm thinking I may gain more.

  7. Excellent dg, I knew Derek wouldn't let us down. After the beating he took on Swole v.2 being "anti-creatine" and then seeing how it well it works, I had a feeling he wasn't just hyping his product for hypes sake.

  8. I'll be able to give a better opinion on it after I finish the cycle. BUt I like what I see so far. And weird thing is I still haven't noticed any lathargy. I would have bet I would have gotten it quick at 600mg a day? I have made sure I'm getting about 8 hrs of sleep a night and normally I get only about 6 or 7.

  9. Thursday is normally close grip day. Like last week I took yesterday off and did not lift. So I did close grips today. I have never even attempted 225. After the success I had last week, I decide to give it a try. I did 205 for 10 reps and went to 225. I made 7 without a spot. I think that is good for never even trying it before. I'm very pleased with this product. My goal for next week is to break my best on regular bench which is 315. We'll see how it goes.

  10. Impressive strength gains in a short period. Is this your first cycle?

  11. No, I have maybe six/seven in close to 2 years.

  12. Up to 205 this morning! (5lbs so far this cycle)

  13. Well I tried to break my best today on bench. I threw a 5 on either side of 315 (325) and I was able to sqeak it out. I'm very pleased.

  14. A week into post cycle and everything looks good. I can tell I'm off 4/ad. My elbow is a little sore......


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