Methyl 1-test 2 weeker

  1. Methyl 1-test 2 weeker

    Bro's just wanted to fill you in on my cycle right now. I'm doing a 2 week cycle with just Methyl 1-test to see how it works alone. I have to say so far I'm very, very pleased. I'm taking 20mg/day split into 2 doses.
    Starting stats
    222lbs at 9% 6'2

    Today is day 7, and I weighed in at 228. No bloat in fact quiete the opposite I'm seeing veins I have never seen before, I'm also starting to see abs a little more. I'm also def more vascular.

    I will be running this for 7 more days and then cutting it off to avoid shutdown. I'm going to take two weeks off with nolva and then back on for another 2 weeks along with my friend test prop. Any questions feel free to ask. As far as sides are concerned I don't really have any except maybe a little loss in appetite, I'm also popping potassium tabs throughout the day to help counteract any lower back pain. Later

  2. Good stuff. Interesting to see some people go 2 on 2 off and so on, while others go 4 weeks. Always interesting to see different cycles and results.

  3. jminis if you have the time could you give us a look at your diet, and what is your goal, to put on a little lean mass, or are you going all out calorie gorge.

  4. B-boy my goal is always lean mass. I'm not opposed to gaining a little fat but I don't go nutz. Right now my cals are about 3500/day and I'm eating about 320-350g of protein. My training style is IA and DC influenced so I'm in a 3 day split. I eat mostly clean foods like tuna, chicken, veggies, peanut butter, cottage cheese, salads, baked potatoes etc etc...

    I make sure in each meal there are between 40-50g of protein and after a workout about 75. I'm also using creatine and L-glutamine. That's it easy as pie. I don't calorie count but I do my protein. Later J

  5. J, everything looks good. I train and eat the same as you. good gains so far. Any cramping? and where did you get your M1T from?

  6. No cramping at all, and my m1t is my own homebrew from powder.

  7. If I remember correctly, you broke a bone a few months back and were out of commission for a while.

    Do you think some of your gains are due to training again or had you already recovered from it?


  8. No bro I didn't break any bones, in fact never have. Must be someone else your thinking of.

  9. Sorry bro. My apologies to both you and Jarconis for the confusion.


  10. No worries. I'll update my weight today also. Later J
  11. update

    Today is day 10 and I have decided to end the cycle. The whole point of this first m1t cycle was to observe what it can do on it's own. The major reason I'm ending it now is to lesson the off time so I can get right back on the horse in 10days and run this with test prop as originally planned. Overall I've gained 6lbs in 10days which is great. I'm more cut and defined and I'm seeing more veins then ever. I'm probably more vascular now then I've ever been and I'm loving it.

    Some sides I've noticed that really have kicked in these last 3 days or so have been lethargy, some nausea, and appetite suppression. To offset the lethargy I will be taking test prop, if you wanted to take this straight up as I did for the first time around, take this at bed time. It really helps with energy during the day and this also combats the nausea problem. As for the appetite suppression you could take some b12shots or maybe EQ with it but with the longer half life of EQ it would have to be a longer cycle then 2 weeks. Any question feel free to ask but overall this **** kicks ass and my body agree's.

  12. i started the methyl 1-test. this is the beginning of the 3rd week im on it. i am thinking of a 4 week at 10mg / day cycle. noticing strength and weight gains. only sides are a little acne on the back. any suggestions cuz i hear some people doing 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and repeating while others are doing anywhere from 4-8 weeks straight through. i plan on staying at 10mg/day throughout the 4 weeks. any other advice?


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