Epistane: Treating Testicular Atrophy On-Cycle?

  1. Epistane: Treating Testicular Atrophy On-Cycle?

    I'm two weeks into my first cycle of Epistane. This is my first experience with prohormones, but I did a lot of research beforehand.

    I'm running it 20/30/30/30 for four weeks, which will leave a few pills left in the bottle but I want to play it safe.

    Also taking on-cycle:
    AI Cycle Support (2x / day)
    Fish Oil
    Multi-Vitamin + Extra Vit C

    ....And the usual protein powders, etc.

    My planned PCT is Nolva (which I have in the form of LiquiNolva) at 20/20/10/10, plus 6-oxo and Tribulus.


    A little more background:
    I waited till now to try Epi because I was worried about sexual side effects. If it's just me and I know it'll all come back after PCT, I don't mind -- but usually I have my girlfriend living with me, so it's shared equipment!

    Anyway, it just so happens that she left town for 8 weeks for a work thing; her company sent her over to a branch across the country to do something or other. 8 weeks, coincidentally, is the length of a 4-week cycle plus PCT... so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to give it a shot. She left on Nov. 4th; I started my cycle on the 5th.

    It's been going very well. Definite strength and muscle gains, and that feeling of "well being" I've read about. I'm a big fan.

    However, the past few days I've definitely had some shrinkage going on down below. They're definitely "up there" and I *think* erections / libido may be affected, but that could just be mental. I haven't been too worried about it, because I just figured I'd suck it up and it'd all go back to normal in PCT.

    NOW, here's the problem:

    She's unexpectedly coming back for a couple days next week, getting in on Tuesday night (the 25th).

    That's about a week before my cycle is supposed to end, and I'm sure she'll notice something's a bit different....

    So here's my question:
    Is there anything I can do while staying on Epi to help me out in that department?
    I saw someone using Epi + DHEA in another thread, and it was indicated that this combination might help... any thoughts on that?
    As far as just boner quality goes, I've used L-Arginine before and I think that'll do the trick. But I think I need something else to help me out in the ball department. Other than DHEA, any ideas?

    Also, if there's not a whole lot I can do on-cycle about this, how fast will Nolva start working? I.e. if I just stop my cycle today, wake up tomorrow and start PCT... will I be back to normal by Tuesday, or will I be worse off?

    Any help would be very appreciated,

  2. Looks good man
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  3. I understand your dilema, gotta make your girly happy. Libido is one of my biggest worries of cycling, epi lowered my libido as well (pulse cycle). I know some have success with DHEA.

    Other things used for increasing libido:

    HGW (standardized for icariin) -I got nothing
    Tribulis (standardized extract) - undecided for me
    Testofen (fenugreek extract) - I like
    ...and of course there's formulas like DTHC, Blue Up(cheap and effective), Stoked, Sustain Alpha and many others.

    As far as ending your cycle early its hard to say, I know some run 2 week cycles and recover quickly, if it is that important to you that option seems viable. Good luck and don't stress about it.

  4. get yourself some liquid viagra or cialis if nothing else fails

    but you have to remember, most times, the effect is mostly mental. a little stimulation down there will get you going.
    you need to try and see if that applies to you first

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