cycle advice/greetings

  1. cycle advice/greetings

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but have posted in the past at and av, though with a bit of a break. I plan on started a cycle shortly, and would appreciate any thoughts on what I came up with so far:

    I'm shooting for about 10-15 pounds lean gain in the first 4 weeks, maintaining it through the next 4 off cycle, and then adding another 10 in the subsequent cycle. I'm 21 and 170# at the moment, and have done one 4ad/nordiol cycle 8 months ago that needed to be cut short.

    Weeks 1-4
    T1-Pro - moderate dosing 4ml/day
    Spironolactone 5% (my thinking is I'm not sure of my genetic disposition, but at least I'll reduce the permanent loss I may incur)

    Weeks 5-8
    Weeks 9-12
    T1-Pro 4ml/day
    Spironolactone 5%
    For this 4 week part, I hope to keep gains even leaner, so I'm not sure whether I should add in the 6-oxo earlier to cut down on the 4ad conversion to estrogen, lower calories, or some combination thereof. I'd like to end it out without a pressing need to cut.

  2. thats a very good basic outline semmer. starting your post cycle supplementation during the last 3-4 days of your cycle should help you provide the stability of coming off ph use.

  3. I agree with the cycle.Very simple looks good. Tage sage's advice and start the 6-oxo a feww days early... Talk to ya

    PS Nice to see ya here...
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  4. Thanks, nice to be here .
    Do you think I should run the 6-oxo for all 4 weeks (plus several days) or if just two or three should work as well? I'd hope to keep costs to a minimum.
    And for the last 4 weeks what would be the best way to keep gains as lean as possible? Calories/6-oxo?

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