lets see just how BAD this m-1t really is!!

  1. lets see just how BAD this m-1t really is!!

    ok boyz and girlz here it is the freakshow's official log. I got tired of reading this and that about M-1t and decided to give it a test run, we'll i started last thursday, so today makes day 5 @ 20mgs a day and let me be the first mother****er to say "O ****! i am actually running m-1t @20mgs and 2 squirts of t-4 ed. i didn't want to run any gear with this to give it a more accurate assesment, 2 squirts of t-4 won't do much for me so if anything big happens i know its the m-1t.

    my diet is very high protein @ about 400-500 grms a day, and about 300-400 grams of carbs on my workout days and 100grams on non workout days;

    training is back to basics with 1 very heavy work set for each excersise and thats it, Mondays - chest, shoulders, triceps,.... wednesday - legs and calves.... friday - back, abs, biceps.  everything is heavy compound movements for one all out ballz to the wall set.

    starting weight thursday was 204 @ 5ft5 with about 8% bodyfat, i coming off a competition (kentucky bodybuilding championship) so i am really retaining the water..LOL.. the bodyfat was just a questimation, it could be less i can't really tell with all the damn water. OK well here it is today (monday) im up to 210 so far so good but my strength is going thru the ****ing roof!!!! last monday clean i did 315 on incline for 9 reps (barely), well today being day 5 on m-1t i pushed 365 for 5 which i really didn't think i would be able to get, but damn i pushed the hell out of it, i mean damn just coming off a show i am still pretty weak and for my strenght to shoot up like that was surprising as all hell. every lift today smashed my last weeks lifts, flys i repped out 110's dumbells for like 15 really  good stretched ones, i smashed 50lb dumbells for 12 on side lateral raises, and just smashed every lift today. damn it felt good.

    O yea something i forgot to tell,,,, my actuall cycle is 2 squirts of t-4 ed, and 20mgs of m-1t ed, and 10 iu's of insulin on workout days (mon, wed, fri,). will keep everyone updated on my results.

  2. Good to hear b-boy!

    I'm about to update my log, just finished my 2nd 2 week cycle of 20mg daily. Verdict: the **** is for real!!! I almost hate to praise it as much as I want to because I'll sound like a damn 10 page MuscleTech ad, but it really is the ****! I'm leaner but gained mass and strength... thumbs up!

  3. Originally posted by jweave23
    Good to hear b-boy!

    I'm about to update my log, just finished my 2nd 2 week cycle of 20mg daily. Verdict: the **** is for real!!! I almost hate to praise it as much as I want to because I'll sound like a damn 10 page MuscleTech ad, but it really is the ****! I'm leaner but gained mass and strength... thumbs up!
    yea jweave its still early for me but i gotta say this **** is FOR REAL! i have that uncomfortable big swole feeling (hard to tie my shoe's) like i get with d-bol. thats how i figured i would be pretty strong today but damn didn't expect all that, my workout partner's were like WTF????

  4. Good stuff

    Keep us updated on the cycle progress bro...


  5. WED nov 19th.... will only post on workout days which are mon, wed, and friday, but today my weight was up to 214 which was probably due to my wife holding a gun to my head last night and making me eat that pan of brownies...    but O we'll you gotta live a little, my only other carbs came from about 100grms worth of oatmeal for breakfast but damn i ate a lot of brownies last night..LOL

    any ways  today my squat was waaaayyyy up from last week, i had been feeling really bad about my squatting lately cause i lost so much strenght from my precontest diet on squats,,, anyway last friday i barely got 495 for 7 all out reps and today i nailed 10, last weeks leg press was 28 plates for 12 and today was 30 plates for 8 (should of done 10).  stiff leg deads was 405 for 12 wich should have been more also but damn i starting to get that dreaded lower back muscle pain. the kind we all love with d-bol, so m-1t is the same damn pain, good thing is its not an all day constant back pain, just a "when i get a pump" back pain.

    looking forward to a murderous back workout friday, cant wait to deadlift!!! my protein has been very high with a shake every hour and a half and a meal every hour and a half later.

  6. Awesome work bro! Guess the freakshow likes his oral 1-t huh?

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  7. well big bad friday, and a hell of a back workout today, weight is up to 216 today, started my "experiment"  last thursday at a weight of 205, so 11 pounds gained in 8 days.

    had a hell of a workout today, back biceps traps and abs, i hit 585 3 times on deadlifts, pause on the floor no bounce style baby! before this cycle is over i want to put up 7 plates on each side, thats my goal, i may go for it next friday. did bent over rows 405 for 8 reps, my strength is freaking crazy right now, im very impressed with m-1t to say the least! curls (cambered bar) i hit a 45 and a 25 plate on each side (weight?) for 10 good reps, i want to hit 2 45lbs plates on each side for 10 before im finished    will post again monday after i hit chest, triceps, and shoulders,

    o yea back pain has seemed to dull a little lately.

  8. for those who know, how quickly does the bloat go away after finishing cycle M1T?

  9. M1T doesn't arromatize bro. There shouldn't be bloat.

  10. Mon. 11-24

    weighed in this morning @ 7:30 am at 217, had to get a very early workout in due to working overtime today. strength was not what i had hoped but never is when i have early workouts. hit 365 for 4 on incline bench today, hit it for 5 last monday so i wasn't too dissapointed due to it being early morning, it seemed like it took me forever to get warmed up! then i hit 110's for flys for 12 reps, hit 315 on military press on the smith machine for 6 reps (my military press is my weakest lift), i did however have a good strong day on triceps, probably due to doing them last and being warm. My diet is still looking pretty decent, im getting anywhere from 400-500 grams of protein daily religiously. I take sundays to have whatever i want, although even during the week if i crave something i will eat it due to just coming off a freaking precontest diet, im going to enjoy myself when it comes to eating, so my carb intake fluctuates daily. I have run into a little problem lately and i don't know if its something thats wrong with me or the m-1t, but i have had the "RUNS" for about a week straight now, its really starting to bother me, my ass is RAW! sorry but had to share that with everyone...    I really don't know what the hell is wrong, my first ever bulk cycle i did test enanth., EQ, and d-bol and i got the ****s for a few days then it would go away and then i would get the ****s a few more days and so on, but I never experienced that with any other cycles following, so I don't know what the hell is going on.

  11. Dude, you do more on flyes than what I bench :-).

    Runs.. no runs, I think people tend to get constipated instead

  12. Bboy

    The "runs" is prob from all that protein.

    Good job though keep us posted especially after your cycle

  13. well haven't posted in a while but i really haven't been doing all that great lately. My last post was on monday the 24th and i didn't work out on wednesday due to being on the road for 6 hours (went back home to ohio for the holiday), then i got back home early friday morning and was tired and didn't work out friday so i went in saturday and hit back, bi's , and abs, I weighed in at 218 and was really weak, my weight has really leveled off lately so i need to up the calories a tad.

    Monday  Dec. 01, 2003  I weighed in today at 217 but felt engergized at the gym for the first time in a while, well i hit bench press for the first time since about 3 weeks ago, (have been doing incline only) anyways post contest at about 207 i was hitting 315 for 10 and that what i had been hitting even during the early phases of my precontest diet, well since i hit 365 for 5 on incline i figured i would at least hit it 6 or 7 reps on flat, but i smashed it for 10 reps, i was pretty shocked to say the least, SO... thats a 50 pound increase on bench since starting m-1t, impressive to say the least, i gained the excact same strength on test d-bol and eq. the rest of my lifts were slightly up also.


  14. Wed. Dec. 4th

    weighed in today at 218, went to the gym to do legs today, and had a pretty decent day, BUT... my first excersise was squats, and i hit 545 for 6 reps, but as soon as I racked the weight i felt blood trickle down my right nostril, it only bleed a few drips, but wasn't expecting that... for the past few weeks when i go really heavy on compound movements, i would get a weird pressure in my sinus' and my nose would get stopped up for a momment, then open back up, well it felt like the same thing was happening yesterday during squatting except my nose didn't get stopped up it bleed. I then went over to do leg presses and loaded it up with 30 45 lb plates well last week i hit it for 8 and figured i would try 10 today and O **** my head felt like it was going to explode on my 5th rep so i racked it and preceded to the next excersise, i had one hell of a headache for the rest of the workout, i was able to finish my workout but had a pretty difficult time with stiff leg deadlifts, but i did manage to hit 405 for 12 reps but **** it about killed me. so today (thursday) im going to go to the plant nurse to get my blood pressure checked to see if everything is alright, i will keep everyone posted.



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