to a moderator: quick question of when to take m-1-t

  1. to a moderator: quick question of when to take m-1-t

    im going to be taking 10mg per day, what is the best time to take it? would you say about 1 hr before workout and if so is it best not to take ephedrine with it.?? also take with or without food????

  2. It doesn't matter time of day or with food/without. Some may prefer to dose 2 hours before workout for maximum blood concentration. Your preference...


  3. I have decided to take mine right before the workout.
    Higher blood concentrations after my workout.
    Does this make any sense?

  4. Dose it an hour or two before your workout...

  5. what do you think is it ok to use ephedrine with it?????

  6. Yes, just make sure that you watch your blood pressure.

  7. Probably because many use ECA with 1-test to combat the lethargy so its no different with m-1-t unless you had prostate problems with 1-t before.


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