Poll: The best/most effective PH cycle lengths?

The best/most effective PH cycle lengths?

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    Ive heard that 6 weeks on a cycle of havoc gives great results but majority of users say stick to 4 weeks. Any feedback I can get from this due to the fact I plan on taking havoc for 6 weeks
    Havoc needs to be a 6 weeker to get results, as it takes longer for it to kick in

  2. 6wks on 6 wks off

  3. 8 weeks on 8 weeks off

  4. Great info

  5. In my opinion I don't think you can say 4 on 4 off twice in a row. 6 on 12 off etc. I think the most effective cycles are when you start with normal bloodwork and don't run another cycle until your body is completely normalized, which can be different for every single person. If you run a 4 week cycle and see great results in my opinion you should then check your bloodwork after your 4 weeks off, if it hasn't normalized do not under any circumstance start another cycle. In my personal experience I have ran cycles too close together without letting my body normalize. That was in my early days. Since then I have found I get the most bang for my buck if I wait for my body to normalize, drop any tolerance, flush out any toxins, and heal completely. Then I start another cycle and yet again feel and see the results I am after some fall short of expectations some exceed. If you cycle too closely you start to see no effect. Its not that the compounds don't work, its that you are essentially abusing the substance, just like alcohol now you have to "drink" more for the same effect. But you usually don't and dose accordingly which no longer works for you, not to mention you are now damaging your body but probably wont realize it until you go hepatic and end up jaundice.

  6. 8 on 10 off followed by 10 on 16 off
    1 methylated 1 non


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