Poll: The best/most effective PH cycle lengths?

The best/most effective PH cycle lengths?

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  1. orals: 4-6wks on, 3-5wks of PCT, 5wks off.

    Inj: 8-14wks on, 4-6wks of PCT, 8wks off.

  2. 7weeks cycle.....to get solid gain

  3. Little confused with some of these posts, we talking ph/ps or straight aas? Are people running 8 weeks of orals?

  4. Prohormones are often the first step into anabolics for many people, and as such, PCT isn't often considered. The second go is often an oral-only steroid cycle, with at least basic PCT. This often spurs the person into taking the step into injectibles, proper pct, and lots of internet research. By this time, the user knows what side-effects to watch for, sources for everything they need, and they start to know their own bodies a little better.

    My favourate prohormone, 1-AD, will shut your 'nads down in 3 or 4 weeks,(from personal experience), which is why it was often stacked with 4-AD. Personally, I find 4-AD just bloats me up worse than dianabol, i don't think it is very good at keeping test levels stable (the transdermal is probably better).

    So 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, is probably OK for 1-AD without PCT. Methyl 1-test (M1T) may be difficult to use for a full 4 week cycle - it seems quite a dirty, feel-bad compound, in addition to being liver-toxic. 1-AD is a less-efficient, but very clean way to get 1-test into yourself.

    I'm now familiar with "proper" steroids, but I don't look down my nose at prohormones, prosteroids, or designer steroids - they all have their niche. In fact, I'm on a 60 day 1-AD cycle - with a tweek.

    I'm actually running a moderately-dosed 10 week test cypionate cycle (500mg / week), which had a turinabol kickstart. I ran turinabol at 50mg a day, except for days when I had aches and pains, in which case I used 30mg, and 10mg dianabol pre-workout (the extra estrogen and water is sometimes useful, I can bounce those weights).

    4 weeks of 17a-methylated orals is enough, I've gained 14lb so far and the test has now kicked in. I would like to add a dryer compound along with the test, whilst giving my liver a rest. Injectible primo is expensive, and 2 injections per week of test is enough shots for me - call me a wuss if you like. Primo tablets are an option, but well out of my price bracket - I'm not Bradd Pitt preparing for a movie role. They aren't methylated, but a fair portion of primo makes it beyond the liver first pass because of it's structure - it has a double bond in the 1-2 position.

    1-AD (and 1-testosterone, for that matter), has this identical double bond to primo, which is why it was the most efficient of the true prohormones. So that's why I'm running 1-AD in a "real" cycle - it's my cheap, strong primobolan alternative. It works very quickly, adds lovely clean striated bulk, and gives my liver a rest from methylated steroids.

    I found, running 1-androstenediol on its own, that it's an extremely dry compound - like winstrol (but without the aching elbow tendons), and it would add 10-12lbs reliably in 30 days at 3 x 100mg per day.

    So in my opinion, 1-AD should be cycled for 3 or 4 weeks (without 4-AD), or a few weeks longer if using 4-AD and basic PCT.

    I'm trying 2 months - but I'm also using an injectible long-ester testosterone, hcg to re-awaken my balls every few weeks, and PCT complete with the kitchen sink at the end.

    If you don't use proper PCT at the end of a cycle of 1-AD, superdrol, M1T, or any of the strong prohormones / designer steroids that actually work, then at least continue training - this is your time to throw in all those other supplements like tribulus, ZMA, creatine etc. You should still have most of your gains a month or two later, when the boys are back in the barracks, so to speak.

  5. I have done several cycles of prohormones. I prefer a 6 week cycle with 4 weeks of proper PCT including serm. I'm thinking of starting a cycle of P-Plex bridging with turinabol to give harden my gains from P-Plex. What do you all think of this cycle?

  6. I like the six weekers too.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Hustlers View Post
    Um I have seen your posts all over, and they contribute nothing whatsoever?

  8. The only cycle length I run is 6 weeks. Its the best for getting and keeping gains. I will even run 6 weeks with harsher compounds such as SD by bridging it into a milder compound.

    6 week cycles FTW!!
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  9. This is a great sticky

  10. Looking to do 4 on 4 off.

  11. what ph/ds out there is good for a "4 weeks on/4 weeks off 2 times in a row" cycle?

  12. Epistane about ... Do you think 4 weeks with a protocol that's good? Gains will be good?


    I am Brazilian, sorry for the English

  13. I agree with Rick 6 weeks are the way to go. Especially since you get water weight so quickly during the first few weeks if you stop after only 3-4 weeks you lose a higher percentage of overall weight since you didn't pound out that extra lb or two of muscle. If you can't handle the sides for 4+ weeks reduce the dosage for weeks 5-6 and think of it more as a cruise which can not only allow more time to get gains but IMO the more workouts you have with your new weights your lifting the better chance you have at being able to lift them when your natural.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by windwords7 View Post
    <TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=4 width="100%" border=0>Here is the old thread results!



    <TD align=middle bgColor=#8080a6 colSpan=4>The best/most effective cycle lengths?
    You have already voted on this poll.</TD></TR>


    <TD align=right bgColor=#dfdfdf>2 weeks on/2 weeks off 3 times in a row</TD>

    <TD bgColor=#dfdfdf><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar2-l.gif" width=3><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar2.gif" width=32><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar2-r.gif" width=3></TD>

    <TD width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>55</TD>

    <TD align=middle width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>16.47%</TD></TR>


    <TD align=right bgColor=#dfdfdf>4 weeks on/4 weeks off 2 times in a row</TD>

    <TD bgColor=#dfdfdf><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar3-l.gif" width=3><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar3.gif" width=92><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar3-r.gif" width=3></TD>

    <TD width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>154</TD>

    <TD align=middle width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>46.11%</TD></TR>


    <TD align=right bgColor=#dfdfdf>6 on/12 off</TD>

    <TD bgColor=#dfdfdf><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar4-l.gif" width=3><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar4.gif" width=26><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar4-r.gif" width=3></TD>

    <TD width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>45</TD>

    <TD align=middle width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>13.47%</TD></TR>


    <TD align=right bgColor=#dfdfdf>8 on/16 off</TD>

    <TD bgColor=#dfdfdf><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar5-l.gif" width=3><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar5.gif" width=34><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar5-r.gif" width=3></TD>

    <TD width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>57</TD>

    <TD align=middle width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>17.07%</TD></TR>


    <TD align=right bgColor=#dfdfdf>10 on/ 20 off</TD>

    <TD bgColor=#dfdfdf><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar6-l.gif" width=3><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar6.gif" width=14><IMG height=10 alt="" src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/images/polls/bar6-r.gif" width=3></TD>

    <TD width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>23</TD>

    <TD align=middle width=67 bgColor=#dfdfdf>6.89%</TD></TR>


    <TD align=right bgColor=#8080a6 colSpan=2><B>Total:</B></TD>

    <TD align=middle bgColor=#8080a6><B>334 votes</B></TD>

    <TD align=middle bgColor=#8080a6><B>100%</B></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    This **** is wack

  15. this is a ridiculous question? the most effective structure or length completely depends on the type of compound your talking about. To say a 3 week halodrol cycle is the best way to run the PH is ridiculous but to say the best way to run SD is 6 weeks is insane aswell. its all relative to the substance/compound being discussed. whats good for one is not for another.

  16. interesting thread

  17. this is a stupid question, cycle style and length completely depends on the compound being used

  18. Is the 30 Day Mass Andro Stack a good one? It has LG Sciences M1D Andro, Form-XT, M-DRL, Creatine/Agmatine, Trien, and GHenerate. Really looking for a good 3rd cycle prohormone stack!!!

  19. Ive heard that 6 weeks on a cycle of havoc gives great results but majority of users say stick to 4 weeks. Any feedback I can get from this due to the fact I plan on taking havoc for 6 weeks

  20. Quote Originally Posted by dtyner13 View Post
    Ive heard that 6 weeks on a cycle of havoc gives great results but majority of users say stick to 4 weeks. Any feedback I can get from this due to the fact I plan on taking havoc for 6 weeks
    Havoc needs to be a 6 weeker to get results, as it takes longer for it to kick in

  21. 6wks on 6 wks off

  22. 8 weeks on 8 weeks off

  23. Great info

  24. In my opinion I don't think you can say 4 on 4 off twice in a row. 6 on 12 off etc. I think the most effective cycles are when you start with normal bloodwork and don't run another cycle until your body is completely normalized, which can be different for every single person. If you run a 4 week cycle and see great results in my opinion you should then check your bloodwork after your 4 weeks off, if it hasn't normalized do not under any circumstance start another cycle. In my personal experience I have ran cycles too close together without letting my body normalize. That was in my early days. Since then I have found I get the most bang for my buck if I wait for my body to normalize, drop any tolerance, flush out any toxins, and heal completely. Then I start another cycle and yet again feel and see the results I am after some fall short of expectations some exceed. If you cycle too closely you start to see no effect. Its not that the compounds don't work, its that you are essentially abusing the substance, just like alcohol now you have to "drink" more for the same effect. But you usually don't and dose accordingly which no longer works for you, not to mention you are now damaging your body but probably wont realize it until you go hepatic and end up jaundice.

  25. 8 on 10 off followed by 10 on 16 off
    1 methylated 1 non


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