Poll: The best/most effective PH cycle lengths?

The best/most effective PH cycle lengths?

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  1. I'm starting to like the 7-10 day on, 2-3 weeks off, M1T cycle idea more and more. It'll be interesting to see what the longer cycles of this stuff do.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    I'm starting to like the 7-10 day on, 2-3 weeks off, M1T cycle idea more and more. It'll be interesting to see what the longer cycles of this stuff do.
    just curious why you think this.

  3. Flexibility is key... I guess all the votes on this thread are oriented to a mass prioritized cycle with strength gains (a cutter would base it's effectivity on fat-muscle loss ratio/ getting ready for an event which would make it much more variable).

    Flexibility is key... I like cyp, eq, deca(bit). I tend to get along very well with steroids that are long lasting/acting to base the cycle and normally an oral to have fun and kickstart (normally winny-dboll-var).

    4/4 x2 isnt for me for eg.

    ps.dont like to front load

    pps. gimme 6-10 week cycles twice a year or, three times every two years (even better)

  4. pps. I normally stuff my face with dballs instead of doubling the amount of test on the front load

  5. I like 4-5 weeks on, 8 weeks off, probably not necessary to recover that long but I sleep better at night since I am in this for the long-haul.

  6. the best cycle i my experience has always been 8 on 6 off. recently been experimenting with blood tests to determine the amount of down time. with 2 off then one week hcg about two amps. my test levels are back to normal at the end of the forth week of down time corse i did this with suspension and winny i imagine oilbase would take longer cause it stays in the body for longer periods of time than water base. any body else monitor there blood?

  7. Exactley why s 4 weeks on 4 weeks off a good cycle time? wouldn't you essentially just gain...then loose it all...then gain again...why wouldn't you go 6-8 weeks straight to keep some solid gains?

  8. I think it means 4 on, 4 PCT, 4 on, 4 PCT

  9. I think it depends on what you are doing(what type). For instance, a MethyD or MOHN cycle for instance could easily go 6 weeks, whereas something more harsh like M1T or MDHT you might think 2 weeks.

  10. I prefer 5-6 weeks cycles with 2 months off (not 3)

  11. not that i have any experience but most who are on 1-T/1ad w/ 4ad seem to extend their planned 4 weeker into about 6 weeks

  12. Definitely 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off is the best ph cycle. I would even suggest cycling for 4 weeks and take off 6 weeks.

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  14. so this poll is saying 4 weeks on, 4 weeks PCT, then 4 weeks on, 4 weeks PCT, WITHOUT and extra 4 between the first and second cycle?

  15. My first Ph cycle ever was 500mg transdermal 4-ad and 200mg transdermal 1-test, i put on 40lbs in 8 weeks, about 20lbs was muscle 12 was water and 8 was fat, I INFLATED, lol. Loved it though. I've tried M1t 3 times and i think shorter is better for that, like 2 weeks on 2 week off, i've ran a 6 week M1t cycle and u just feel like ****. If your running transdermal 4-ad+1-test I wouldn't hesitate to go as long as 12 weeks, mind you, it'd be alot cheaper to just do a cycle of Test Enthanate .

  16. I am currently doing a 8 week cycle trifecta of H-50 -5 weeks, TST-6 Weeks, and Zol- 6 weeks. I will do PCT for 60 days, remain PH free for another 30 days and then start again the following month= 8 weeks on 90 days off- repeat twice. 4 weeks I have always found to be too short except for supps like Superdrol. I usually make adjustments as needed during a cycle. I always have had success with doing what's best for my body whether it be extending cycles, stacking, or upping amounts. I have never experienced any serious side effects which would cause me concern. I do play it safe but I do it right.

  17. it all depends on on the ph's, i myself like the 6-8 week cycles. i always frontload on liver supps to a certain extent depending on what im taking. i also pct on how i feel. usually after 4 weeks i feel great. it depends on the person some people cant handle a high dose 4 week superdrol cycle while others can do an 8 week superdrol/phera cycle without problems.im planning on a superdrol/phera cycle that will prob be 6-8 weeks depending on how i feel with at least 4 weeks pct followed by a phera or finigenx cycle with m-trn and m-zol at the end to shape up for summer...im prob gonna run the phera/finigenx/trn/zol for 8 weeks:

  18. how do you guys feel about a 4wks Superdrol/4 wks PCT/ 4 wks Havoc/ 4 wks PCT???

  19. according to this thread, "4 weeks on/4 weeks off 2 times in a row" is the "best" way to cycle.

    ...does this also apply to pulsing PH's? or just straight cycles?

  20. 4 on-4 off helps minimize the sides, right?

    However, does anyone have blood/lipid #'s to back this up, or is this stricktly experience based? I prefer science to opinion, but hey there is a lot expertise on this board, so I am hoping there is more to this thread than preference...

    Thanks ahead of time!


  21. This isnt really a good poll as it depnds on the steroid taken. For example if you were taking Superdrol you would cycle it 3-4 weeks as the gaines cease then. If you were taking Halodrol you would run for 6-8 weeks as thats when it realy kicks in. All depends on the roid.

  22. 4 on 4 off? i thought it was 4 on, 4 off +8 off

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    4 on 4 off? i thought it was 4 on, 4 off +8 off
    Length of cycle and length of PCT equals your time off.This was retarded to ever put up as a sticky.

  24. lol

    this poll was created in jan of 2003.........
  25. Cool

    Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    4 on 4 off? i thought it was 4 on, 4 off +8 off

    Yooo Brolic...did you ever get your loot for your cycle


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