P-Plex Log Maybe m-drol Bridge

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    Starting my P-plex cycle as soon as it gets here. Maybe start briding m-drol in week 3 if i have the money without sacrificing my money for my pct.

  2. Have fun. Prepare for some good wetness

  3. well im doing mma twice a week which is some of the most intense cardio ever. and i will be running once or twice after that. so idk. u think that will make a bg difference??

  4. Yes. It will be pretty wet on it's own.

  5. what exactly do u meen by wetness. a liitle bit more of a bulk look than a toe look? not really sure what ur referring too

  6. If you don't know this, you might want to do a little more research bro.. This will give you a lot of water retention, strength gains, etc. Phera is really a good mass gainer. Definetly not a toner.

  7. i figured u meant water retention, just never heard it reffered to by wetness, but i picked p plex cause im looking to bulk up good and reall up the strenght. will be concentrating on 5 rep sets for overall strength and mass. ive done an h drol cycle and gained about 12 pounds, mostly muscle kept ten of it. have you used p-plex and if so how were your results?

  8. Good luck with your cycle man, I just started the same bridge cycle.

  9. its only wet due to aldosterone,

    its electrolyte imbalce that causes the wate,r but its a lean mass builder, the compound DOES NOT aromatize

  10. thanks for the support guys. will probobly start the cycle either tuesday or wensday cause it should be here around monday or tuesday
  11. Smile

    Hey guys. The p-plex came yesterday. took the first 15mg cap this morning. will take the other about an hour before i hit the gym tonight. My diet is not the grettest. im doing kind of a dirty bulk. since i dont buy the groceries its hard to eat clean especially since my family eats alot of junk. we got a lot of chicken thought so yaa. im drinking 2-3 protien shakes a day. one morning, one pre, one post.

    My wieght = 183.5
    max bench = 235-240. those are some current stats. ill try to post some pics either tongiht or tomorow.

    thanks guys. need all the support i can get.
  12. Question

    hey guys prob should have told u before. srry, im a little new to this forum and logging thing. i ended up splitting the bottle of p-plex with my best bro. that leaves me with 45 caps.

    i think im going to do a short cycle of 3 weeks and 30mg a day. that leaves me just enough pills. there wil be like 3 left. i think this is the best way to do it with this amount of p-plex. he payed for half so its cool. im also going to keep u guys up to date on his gains so its kinda like a 2 for 1 for everybody reading.
  13. Day 1


    im taking one in the morning and one an hour before workout.

    yesterday was my first day. i did arms and wowww. my workout was so explossive. i had so much energy. i couldnt take a rest in the gym. i just kept lifting. that was the best ive felt in a long time. later that night after i ate tho i seemed to crash right away. my friend had the same reaction. he said he has never felt so good. ill be asking him today what his stats are so i can keep you guys uptodate on his progress as well.
    talk to ya soon
  14. Day 2

    yesterday was day to. felt great and felt like my strenth was throught the roof. i did chest. used all dumbells. flat, incline, superset dips with cable crossovers and finish of with as many push ups as i can. i felt like i could have lifted forever. after that i did some intense ju jitsu. didnt lose one match out of 4. and hit the bad for a good 15-20 min.

    no sides yet.
    gonna post pics later today.

    need all the supprt i can get

  15. how old are you?


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