I Guess i can Start One. (M1T Cycle)

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  1. Originally posted by MarcusG
    Wildman, how does the suppression compare with 1-test?
    Not Exactally sure what you mean bro, But id be glad to answer!!

  2. Thursday November 27, 2003

    Day 23 M1T/4 Aderm

    Weight- 177.8, Blood Pressure- 123/57, Heart Rate-68

    Height- 5'7 Still
    Gender- Male
    Bf%- 9.4%

    As yall know its Thanksgiving and the Turkey is Plentyful (Roasted Turkey Breast like 4 LBs of It!!) So that means anyware between 3500-7000 Cals. lol

    Shoulder Day.

    DB Military Press- 75'sx8, 80'sx6, 90'sx2

    Front Military Press- 145x10, 165x6, 185x2/4

    Incline DB Raises- 35'sx10/12, 40'sx7/8, 40'sx6/7

    Hammer Strength Rear Press- 200x7, 210x6, 220x4/5

    Did Some Heavier Weight today (Progression) Lovin It!!

    My Goal for the End of My Cycle is to get The 100 LB DB's x2 For Military Press.

    (GONNA GET IT!!)

    Oh yeah Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Friday November 28, 2003

    Day 24 M1T/4 Aderm

    Bis, Tris, Traps

    HECK of a PUMP!! good Day.

  4. Saturday November 29, 2003

    Day 25 M1T/4 Aderm

    Weight 178.2

    Back Day

    As far as Cals go im Struggling with 3500 but am going to Try my Best to get 4000-4500 Just because i only have 5 Days Left (What the Heck im Bulking!!)

    Deads- 335x6, 350x5, 355x5, 360x5

    Lat Pulldowns- 200x10, 240x8, 270x6, 280x2/4

    Seated Rows- 200x10, 250x6, 260x4

    Sore Already~!! Just going to Chill and Eat Tonite (Gotta go to Work Though!!)

  5. Sunday November 30, 2003

    Day 26 M1T/4 Aderm

    Chest Day.

    Incline Press- 185x12, 235x6, 250x3/5

    DB Bench Press- 105'sx8, 120'sx3/4

    DB Incline Press- 95'sx7, 105'sx5

    Bench Press- 185x12, 235x6, 260x2.5/3

    Got a heck of a Pump! Going to just Eat and Relax.

    Wouldnt be suprised if i Break 180 LB's tomorrow.

  6. Monday December 1, 2003

    Day 27 M1T/4 Aderm

    Leg Day.

    Squats- 285x10, 315x8, 340x4, 360x2

    Leg Press- 10 Plates X 8, 12 Plates X 6, 12 Plates + 10 On Each Side X 6

    Leg Curls- 170x15, 200x4/6, 200x6

    Leg Extns.- 235x10, 295x8, 329x5/6

    Cals have been Good! Getting about 400 Carbs, 400 Protien, 50 Fat.

    4 More Days then Itll be 6-OXO.

    Oh yeah if yall have any ideas on how i should do my Post Cycle Diet id like to hear Em!!

  7. Thursday December 4, 2003

    Day 30 M1T/4 Aderm

    Back Day.

    Weight- 180.4

    Bent Rows- 205x12, 235x10, 255x8, 265x4/6, 285x2/3

    V-Pulldowns- 200x10, 250x6/7, 280x4/5

    DB Rows- 95'sx8, 120'sx6, 135x4

    Today is the Last Day of the Cycle.

    Ill do a BF% Test Tomorrow.

    Going to take 6-OXO for the Next Month.

    (Hope the Gains dont Go Away!!!)

  8. Have you noticed an increase in recovery ability with this cycle?

  9. at times, then at times i noticed i was More Sore than Normal.

  10. bump - curious to see some recent news and maybe some before/after pics? The earlier pic in this thread didn't work for me.

  11. Check outmy 6-OXO Thread.


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