I Guess i can Start One. (M1T Cycle)

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  1. Originally posted by Chemo
    14 pounds in 10 days?? This stuff kicks much ass...

    Congrats on your cycle progress!

    Bump to that. Damn!!!

    Congrats man!

  2. Thanks again!!

  3. 120 over 80 is considered normal bp. Anything over 130 (or 90) for an extended period and it's time to be concerned. The readings must be taken while sitting and relaxed.

    Now eat your calories or I'm driving to Honolulu to kick your ass.


  4. Tuesday November 18, 2003

    Day 14 M1T/4 Aderm (Had to Edit That I Put 12 On Earlier)


    like the Last Bi/Tri/Trap Day it was alot (possibally Overkill) But the Job got Done.

    Struggled with The 3500 Cals Today (Diddnt Get Them) Just Cant Eat!!

    Took 3 Mgs of Melatonin last night and Slept Great but woke Up Groggy so will not take It again Tonite.

    Still on the Milk Thistle and Liver X (MRM)/ along with the Mega Men Vitamins- (I know i know GNC)

    Thinking about having a Cheat Day!! (Feel like S$%&) Maybe the Diet? (All Clean Foods- In Abundance)

    Will Weigh tomorrow/ Oh yeah BACK DAY TOMORROW!!!!!

  5. Originally posted by viking
    120 over 80 is considered normal bp. Anything over 130 (or 90) for an extended period and it's time to be concerned. The readings must be taken while sitting and relaxed.

    Now eat your calories or I'm driving to Honolulu to kick your ass.

    Hope you have a Boat!!!

    Im going to get Them In bro!!!!! Thanks for The Motivation!!

  6. Originally posted by Skark
    The appetite decrease is why I plan to take 1,4 andro with M 1-T, because it makes you want to eat.
    I wonder how this will effect libido?????

    Wildman, you've been making great gains and good job at keeping a log. When you eat concentrate on putting all your protein away first, then eat your carbs as 'filler', to ensure that at least protein cals are being met. Are you getting any bloat/water/fat gains? or mostly lean?

  7. Im getting alot of Lean Gains (Thank God) Not alot of Fat, and a little Water Retention.

    Been able to Eat just am Full all the time.

  8. Wednesday November 19, 2003

    Day 15 M1T/4-Aderm (Still at 20 Mgs M1T, 8-10 Squirts 4-Aderm.) Getting about 680 Mgs of Milk Thistle and 200 Mgs of ALA.

    Weight- 175.6

    BACK DAY!!!!

    3300-3500 Cals Again, (Going to get a Big STEAK Tonite!!)

    -Deadlifts- 315x9.5/10, 345x5, 385x3, 405x2

    -Lat PullDowns- 200x10, 240x8, 270x4/6, 280x2

    -Cable Rows- 210x10, 240x6, 250x4/6

    All in all a Good Day. Slept GREAT Last Night. (No Melatonin Either)

  9. Thursday November 20, 2003

    Day 16 M1T/4 Aderm

    Chest Day

    My Blood Pressure was: 133/66 and My Heart Rate is- 67

    I Looked Yesterday and i only got Barely 3000 Cals (AHHH!!!)

    Today i HAVE to get 3500. (And I Will.)

    Good Day at The Gym:

    Incline Press- 185x10, 215x6, 235x3

    DB Bench Press- 95'sx8, 110'sx5

    DB Incline Press- 90'sx8, 105'sx5

    Bench Press- 185x10, 215x6, 245x3/4

    Gotta Work tonite so I Will be Eating ALOT of Shakes and Turkey.

  10. Friday November 21, 2003

    Day 17 M1T 20Mgs/4-Aderm 8-10 Squirts

    Weight- 174.8??

    Diet- 3300-3500 Cals (KILLIN ME!~~) "THE BLOAT!!" Even though It may sound Crazy im thinking about going to 4000-4500 to Finish out THe Last 13 Days. (ALL OUT EATING!)


    Squats- 225x20 (Pass Out Set!), 315x5, 335x 3

    Then- 3xLeg Press, 3xLeg Extns, 3xLeg Curls.

    Good Day.

    My Protien is in the Range of 375-400 and The Carbs are about 400 Also. I Think because i Ran Yesterday that I Lost a Little Weight. (Ran 2 Miles)

    Acne is Setting In a Little along With Some Bloody Noses- (Not a Big Deal)

  11. any idea what your body fat is at now?

  12. not as of now but ill get It checked!

  13. Saturday November 22, 2003

    Day 18 M1T/4 Aderm

    Blood Pressure- 105/51

    My Cals are Bouncing between 3300-3500 (Im thinking about Raising Them to about 4000 to Finish out my Cycle.) Adding Carbs and Protien.


    Db Military Press- 75'sx7, 80'sx4, 90'sx0.5/3 (Negatives)

    Rear Military Press- 135x9/10, 155x6, 175x2.75/3

    DB Shoulder Flies- 65'sx8, 75'sx5

    BB Lateral Raises- 95x8, 105x6, 115x4/5

    Good Day. Wish i could have gotten The 90's by myself but i got some good Negatives.

  14. Sunday November 23, 2003

    Day 19 M1T/4 Aderm

    Weight- 179.2

    Bis, Tris, + Traps.

    Good Day again. (Came off a 12 Hr Shift)

    Cals Were High (Ate all Night) Will be again.

  15. Originally posted by Klaus
    Dude, that's 20 pounds. That's rediculous.
    Good Stuff!

  16. Wildman, how does the suppression compare with 1-test?

  17. Monday November 24, 2003

    Day 20 M1T/4 Aderm

    Back Day

    Got In about 3300 Cals (Killer to Eat)

    Back Day

    Did Bent Over Rows today instead of Deadlifts because im going to Start ro Alternate between the Two.

    Bent Over Rows- 195x15, 225x10, 245x8, 275x4/6, 285x2/4

    V Pulldownsx3

    DB Rowsx3

  18. Tuesday November 25, 2003

    Day 21 M1T/4 Aderm

    Weight- 178.0

    Diet- About 3500 Cals (Thinking about Hitting 4000-4500 Because of not Gaining and Theres only 9 Days Left)

    Chest Day

    Incline Press- 185x10, 225x6, 250x2/4

    DB Bench Press- 105'sx6, 115'sx4

    DB Incline Press- 95'sx6, 105'sx4

    Bench Press- 185x11, 225x6, 255x3/4

    Had a Good Day.

  19. Wednesday November 26, 2003

    Day 22 M1T/4 Aderm

    Leg Day

    3500 Cals, Will get 3500+ Tomorrow (Thanksgiving Itll be alot of Protien though)

    Squats- 255x15, 320x5, 340x3

    Then- Leg Pressx3, Leg Curlsx3, Leg Extentionsx3

    It was a Good Day (Time to Watch "Pumping Iron!!")

  20. Originally posted by MarcusG
    Wildman, how does the suppression compare with 1-test?
    Not Exactally sure what you mean bro, But id be glad to answer!!

  21. Thursday November 27, 2003

    Day 23 M1T/4 Aderm

    Weight- 177.8, Blood Pressure- 123/57, Heart Rate-68

    Height- 5'7 Still
    Gender- Male
    Bf%- 9.4%

    As yall know its Thanksgiving and the Turkey is Plentyful (Roasted Turkey Breast like 4 LBs of It!!) So that means anyware between 3500-7000 Cals. lol

    Shoulder Day.

    DB Military Press- 75'sx8, 80'sx6, 90'sx2

    Front Military Press- 145x10, 165x6, 185x2/4

    Incline DB Raises- 35'sx10/12, 40'sx7/8, 40'sx6/7

    Hammer Strength Rear Press- 200x7, 210x6, 220x4/5

    Did Some Heavier Weight today (Progression) Lovin It!!

    My Goal for the End of My Cycle is to get The 100 LB DB's x2 For Military Press.

    (GONNA GET IT!!)

    Oh yeah Happy Thanksgiving!!

  22. Friday November 28, 2003

    Day 24 M1T/4 Aderm

    Bis, Tris, Traps

    HECK of a PUMP!! good Day.

  23. Saturday November 29, 2003

    Day 25 M1T/4 Aderm

    Weight 178.2

    Back Day

    As far as Cals go im Struggling with 3500 but am going to Try my Best to get 4000-4500 Just because i only have 5 Days Left (What the Heck im Bulking!!)

    Deads- 335x6, 350x5, 355x5, 360x5

    Lat Pulldowns- 200x10, 240x8, 270x6, 280x2/4

    Seated Rows- 200x10, 250x6, 260x4

    Sore Already~!! Just going to Chill and Eat Tonite (Gotta go to Work Though!!)

  24. Sunday November 30, 2003

    Day 26 M1T/4 Aderm

    Chest Day.

    Incline Press- 185x12, 235x6, 250x3/5

    DB Bench Press- 105'sx8, 120'sx3/4

    DB Incline Press- 95'sx7, 105'sx5

    Bench Press- 185x12, 235x6, 260x2.5/3

    Got a heck of a Pump! Going to just Eat and Relax.

    Wouldnt be suprised if i Break 180 LB's tomorrow.

  25. Monday December 1, 2003

    Day 27 M1T/4 Aderm

    Leg Day.

    Squats- 285x10, 315x8, 340x4, 360x2

    Leg Press- 10 Plates X 8, 12 Plates X 6, 12 Plates + 10 On Each Side X 6

    Leg Curls- 170x15, 200x4/6, 200x6

    Leg Extns.- 235x10, 295x8, 329x5/6

    Cals have been Good! Getting about 400 Carbs, 400 Protien, 50 Fat.

    4 More Days then Itll be 6-OXO.

    Oh yeah if yall have any ideas on how i should do my Post Cycle Diet id like to hear Em!!

  26. Thursday December 4, 2003

    Day 30 M1T/4 Aderm

    Back Day.

    Weight- 180.4

    Bent Rows- 205x12, 235x10, 255x8, 265x4/6, 285x2/3

    V-Pulldowns- 200x10, 250x6/7, 280x4/5

    DB Rows- 95'sx8, 120'sx6, 135x4

    Today is the Last Day of the Cycle.

    Ill do a BF% Test Tomorrow.

    Going to take 6-OXO for the Next Month.

    (Hope the Gains dont Go Away!!!)

  27. Have you noticed an increase in recovery ability with this cycle?

  28. at times, then at times i noticed i was More Sore than Normal.

  29. bump - curious to see some recent news and maybe some before/after pics? The earlier pic in this thread didn't work for me.


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