I Guess i can Start One. (M1T Cycle)

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  1. Great job and keep up the awesome log.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  2. Thanks What do yall Think about The Diet?

  3. Originally posted by wildman536
    Thanks What do yall Think about The Diet?
    Looks pretty solid to me.

  4. Originally posted by wildman536
    Thanks What do yall Think about The Diet?
    Only thing I would change is the Gatorade post workout, I'd use some oatmeal instead. Bobo has great threads and posts on low G.I. carbs post workout that may interest you

  5. The Gatorade is Only 23 Grms for The Insulin Spike, I Am Eating about 81 Carbs Worth of Oatmeal Within 45 Mins Of My Workout.

  6. Originally posted by wildman536
    Thanks Yall
    Thinking about Starting It Tomorrow. (I Only Got 3000 Cals Today)

    I Just Worked a 3500 Cal Diet Out

    #1. 1.5 Cups Oatmeal, 9 Egg Whites, Met-RX MRP Shake
    PostWorkout Shake-1 Sc. Optimum Whey, 1 Scoop Gatorade Powder
    #3. Within 45 Mins Of Shake- 1.5 Cups Oatmeal, 10 Egg Whites
    #4. 1.5 Hrs Later- 2 Whole Wheat Toasts, 5 Cups Broccoli, 1 Ckn Breast, 8 Egg Whites
    #5. Met-Rx MRP Shake, Salad
    #6. Ckn Breast, 2 Whole Wheat Toasts, 4 Cups Broccoli, 8 Egg Whites
    #7. Met-Rx MRP Shake
    #8. Before Bed- Met-Rx MRP Shake, 1 Cup Skim Milk.

    Ill Eat alot of Shakes because im at Work and theyre Convient.

    =3500 Cals, 400 Carbs, 350 Prot, 55 Fat
    Thats The Diet for Today.

  7. Tuesday November 11, 2003

    Day 7/ 20 Mgs M1T/9 Squirts 4 Aderm, 960 mgs Milk Thistle



    Great Leg Day!!

    Ill Just Post My Squats- 225x12, 265x6, 285x4, 305x2

    Its only my 2nd Time Working Legs In a Month so I Figure It went Well

    (I also did Leg Extns. Leg Curls and Leg Press)

    GOING TO GET 3500 Cals Today (Apprx 400 Carbs, 350 Prot, 55 Fat)

  8. I Think that the craziest Thing thats Happening is that i am Tired but i go lay down and i am just Laying There not able to go to Sleep. hmm

    Also This is the First Day of The 3500 Cals and I am having a HORRIABLE Time Eating. Just Not Hungry and Eating Anyway (Feels Weird) Not that i Am usually Hungry when I Eat but I am Ready To.

    I Think that Its The Wheat Bread that I Added In To Get More Carbs. But If i diddnt Add That then i wouldnt Hit my 3500.

    I Guess i just need to Shut Up and Eat.

  9. Sounds like the vile weed (aka brocolli), salad, and complex carbs are filling you up.

    Bump on the flax advice. Toss a tablespoon in your shakes, and it adds more cals without making you feel full.

    Have you read IA's excerpt of DC's Cycles on Pennies a Day in the training forum? DC recommends adding olive oil to shakes in addition to the flax. Another recommendation is to eat your protein before the rest of your food so that you get the good stuff down before getting full.


  10. I havent Read That bro. (If you could Post a Link thatd be Great!)

    I Like The Oil Idea But That doesnt Help In Terms of Carbs.

    I Need to Get Some Potatoes.

  11. Wildman, Todd is right on the money. Read DC's thread, be advised...it's long, but well worth the read:


    Carbs are not the only way to add cals, therefore the use of olive oil. Many people have use this method to get past sticking points.

    I just make sure I eat tons of food, mostly protein.... I aim at 2gr per lb of body weight.

  12. Thanks for The Link Ill look Into It!!

  13. Wednesday November 12, 2003


    Day 8 M1T/4 Aderm

    I Diddnt Weigh today (Will Tomorrow), itll be Up

    i Ate 3500 Cals Yesterday and Will For The Duration.(Unless im not Gaining But i have a Good Feeling about This Diet)

    Did Shoulders for the Second Time Since ive been Back and It Was Great!!

    Ill Just Post The DB Military Press- 70x7, 75x5 80x3

    Followed by- Rear Mil. Press, DB Shoulder Flyes, and Up-Right Rows.

  14. Originally posted by wildman536
    I havent Read That bro. (If you could Post a Link thatd be Great!)
    Here is the excerpt version that IA posted in the training forum right here at AM. I read the excerpt first, and it wet my appetite for more knowledge so then I put in the hours checking out the link that Scorpio posted.

    Additionally, if you want to have a copy on your computer then you can go to past issues at Anabolic Extreme and copy it from issues 72, 73, 76, & 77.


  15. Thanks!

  16. I was Reading Into It and Im thinking that Ill adjust My Diet to Get the 400-450 Protien a Day. But do you really Think This will be Wise? Should I Lower The Carbs?

  17. Thursday November 13, 2003

    Day 9 M1T/4 Aderm.

    Weight- 170.2

    Cals- Lingering around 3200-3500 (Cant Eat Alot!!!)

    Did Bis, Tris, and Traps (BB Shrugs)

    Felt an All Around Great Pump!

    Still Taking 20 Mgs. of The M1T, 6-9 Squirts of 4 Aderm.

    Felt Like I Did Overkill to Training Today, Oh Well ill just have to Eat More to Better Help in Recovery.

    Tomorrow Is Back-Day!!!

  18. Keep the log coming...


  19. No Problem!!

  20. Friday November 14, 2003

    Day 10 M1T/4 Aderm ---- 20Mgs M1T/8 Squirts 4 Aderm/960 Mgs of Milk Thistle.

    Bought a Supp, Made by MRM called Liver X. Gonna Give It a Go. It has ALA 100 mgs, M. Thistle 100 mgs, NAC 400 mgs, Vitamin E 40 IU, Vitamin B-12 20 Mcgs.
    ----------------------------Im going to take 3 A Day./Along w/ The 960 Mgs of Milk Thistle.

    What do yall think about Melatonin to Relax and get better Sleep? I Have 100 3 Mg Tabs.

    The Lethargy is Up.


    All in all its going Good. (Knocks on Wood)

    Ill Post the Deads- 275x10, 315x6, 335x4, 355x4

    Ah What the heck-----

    V PullDowns- 200x10, 240x7/8, 280x3

    DB Rows- 90'sx10, 110'sx6, 120'sx4/5

    Good Day (All in all)

    Stuffed from all the Food!! Stll at 3300-3500

    Chest Tomorrow.

  21. I found what worked great for me to help sleep during my two week stint on M1T was a combination of 3mg of melatonin and 10 grams of taurine taken approx. 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. That really helped me to get to sleep, and although I did have to get up at least once a night to use the washroom I was always able to get back to sleep very quickly.

  22. It did do a Good Job!!

  23. Saturday November 15, 2003



    Day 11 M1T/4 Aderm

    Cals Will be High as i have to Work all Night.

    Incline- 185x10, 210x6, 235x2/3

    DB Bench- 90'sx8, 105'sx6

    DB Incline- 85'sx7, 95'sx5

    Bench Press- 185x10, 210x6, 235x3/4

    Good Pump. Gotta Work all Night but am going to Get Up During my "Sleep Day" and Make Sure i get That Food Every 2 Hrs.

  24. As of Nov 15, 2003

    my Blood Pressure was

    112 over 51

    My Heart Rate was- 63


  25. 14 pounds in 10 days?? This stuff kicks much ass...

    Congrats on your cycle progress!



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