next cycle a go..

  1. next cycle a go..

    Hey gang, after a 4 week off cycle I've started a new one. Still have 8lb gain from original 12. Thinking it's a true amount of lean mass and the rest was water and perhaps some lbm loss. Reconditioned after week of illness and ready to rock. I've decided to go with 10mg M-1test once a day in AM and stick with same for 4AD trans homebrew; 300-400mg a day. I have some kilosports M-1test on way on if it gets here early in week will switch over. I know it would probably be better for testing purposes to go with one product but I really do need to start this cycle as I have my cycles and post cycles planned till x-mas. If I don't get the kilo stuff till midweek or later I'll probably stick with the tabs. Im planning a 2 week bulking cycle and took my first dose this am. Sides allready, a tad lethargic and slight body aches. Been using liver sups and will continue. Everything else will be same as before except hope to increase training frequency and meal frequency. Im gonna do my damnest to keep lethargy at bay(stims as needed) and shoot for more meals. Will use a bedside protien/flax shake for middle of night feedings Also Im starting right off the bat with high doses of potas and taurine and also increasing water intake which I felt was low last cycle. Hopefully weird knee pain won't return. Also striving for double splits to increase training frequency. Will keep updates coming. Peace.

  2. good luck man.

  3. sounds like a good plan man...let us all know how its goin
  4. Day 2 update

    Day 2 update:

    Had some insomnia last night. Mild lethargy today as well as mild body aches. Libido seems up. No strength gains to report yet. Appetite good. Today is an off training day. So far so good. Chow!
  5. update,day 3

    Update; Day 3

    Another tough night trying to sleep, will try wild jujubie herb(I've found to be effective for me at about 2 grams) tonight if persists. Was going to do split today, but was short on time so I did a combined chest /back w/o. Had to use some caffiene/ephedrine(200mg/25mg) as lack of sleep and mild lethargy still present. No strength increases but did higher volume. Felt good pump in back but not chest. No other sides to report so far. Diet still good,getting plenty of clean cals and efa's. Will weigh in tomorrow for first time.

  6. Day 4 update

    Day 4 update:

    Still having trouble with sleep. Fell asleep okay just was very restless and woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all. Might not totally be the m-1-t as I do have trouble with sleep sometimes. Chest and upper back pretty sore from yesterdays w/o. Upper back allready looks bigger. Used caffeine/ephedrine again and did arms. Slight increase in strength on triceps. No problem completing w/o with higher volume. Weighed in for first time..up almost 3 lbs. No crazy pumps to report. appetite still good. Only problem has been lack of quality sleep. Will try small dose of presription sleep aid(trazadone; 25mg) tonight. Hopefully will be able to do a split tomorrow: AM, sholders/hamstrings/low back. PM, Quads/abs.
    Only major differences so far early in this cycle at 10mg as opposed to last one at 20mg is no extreme lethary during day,less flu like body aches, better appetite and no joint pain. Changes from last cyle to this so far has been increased water and electrolytes. All for now.
  7. Day 5 update

    Day 5 update:

    Got in a double split on legs today along with abs,dropped shoulder w/o. Strength up on all lifts, especially squats where it was most observed exploding from the bottom. Ran out of steam/energy on morning workout, used caffeine in form of 1 cup coffee. Slept good for first night last night. Don't usually weigh every day but felt bigger and hopped on..showed 2 lb gain from yesterday.. 5 total so far. Muscles look a little flat and smooth, similar to how I looked this far in last cycle where I started to look more vascular after first week. Have not recieved kilosports M-1-test yet so I will run legal gears tabs for whole cycle. No other sides yet. over and out..
  8. Day 6,7,8 update

    Day 6,7,8 update:

    Took day 6 and 7 off training after 3 straight intense days of workouts. Adjusted cals downwards a bit,mostly carbs. Resumed training this morning doing chest,sholders and tris in same workout(which is way more than normal), just felt well rested and recuped. completed workout no problem in about 1 hour. Slight increase in poundages on all lifts. No pumps to speak of(didn't really have any on first cycle either). No major sides still..some minor lethargy past couple days probably more to do with no caffiene(had a cup of coffee this morning). Okay now the freaky news....weighed in today and up another 5 lbs, that's 10 total so far in 8 days. Have not been going extra crazy on calories either,just trying to shoot for about 1000 cals above maintenence, which some days I hit and others just get close. One major observation is my body composition looks noticeably different...and not good. My symetrey looks off. I don't look fat as I body calipered and measured waist and both showed only small increase. I guess it could be some bloat. I look very smooth and flat and my athstetics(sp?) just don't look good. It might be that i've just been used to looking pretty ripped the past year as I've managed to keep bodyfat under 10% year round. This happened on my first cycle but not as drastic and it went away and I hardened up and dried up on my second week. Guess I should just be happy with weight gain as this is a bulking cycle for crying out loud and Im sure that classic shape will re-emerge once I decide to cut. Was definatly freaked out by the scale today though. I really didn't think 10mg would produce this much so quick. Peace.
  9. update, day 9-11

    Update: Day 9-11

    Nothing major to report on day 9 and 10. Back and Bi workout two days ago had small increase on poundages,nothing major. Minor lethargy remains. Today this am did quads and weights were up on all lifts as was volume. 6% weight increase on squats. Weighed in and unchanged from day 8, 10 lbs total. Gonna hit hams and maybe shoulders later today after nap. Been a bit lax on second homebrew trans 4AD apllication last three days(only applied once in am). Peace out.

  10. Update: Day 12,13

    Double split on legs Wendsday was intense. Really pushed it as I felt it would be the last leg workout of this cycle. Strength up on all lifts and upped the volume quite a bit. Used caffiene/ephedrine on both workouts. Thursday (day 12) took off...really off. Legs were fried,but the good kind off fried. Also felt wiped out all around. Slept on and off all day while consuming tons of protien and efa's all day. On to today (day 13), did chest,shold,tris and again really pushed it weight and volume wise. Weighed in and up another 2 lbs..12 total,same as all of last cycle at 20 mg. Lethargy only side still remains and is only combated by stimulants which I only use before workouts. Have some real insights and observations to share on this cycle as opposed to last which I'll report in the next day or two. Stay tuned...
  11. End of cycle #2

    Day 14, end of cycle #2:

    Phew! Well I've just completed my second cycle of M-1-test and I feel I've learned quite a bit about this new compound. first my final stats of last cycle. 12 lb gain. Bodyfat went from 12% to 14%. 1 inch on waist.

    Protocol: 10mg M-1-test once a day in morning/ 300-400mg trans 4AD split twice a day(second week missed about 4-5 second applications)
    Calories: Shot for 1000 above maintenance,achieved about 600-800 above average.
    Training: tried for double splits,achieved just a few, OVT style. Increased volume.

    Thoughts and opinions: I'd say major difference this cycle was bodyfat gain. I attribute this to too many high glycemic carbs. Even though I used R-ALA at every carb meal I found it difficult to consume enough clean carbs due to blunted appetite. Seems to be a double edged sword. Major difference this cycle at 10mg as opposed to last at 20mg is less joint pain, flu-like body aches and lethargy which was only one real bothersome. Even though I used stimulants, I only used them for my workouts and was basically useless (very tired)the rest of the time. This could of been helped by using stims daily. Also had trouble in not applying second 4AD and this might of contributed. I was very shocked in the weight gain at 10mg and can truely say this is a a very powerfull substance that should be used with all the proer precautions. Im also convinced that it's ripe for abuse and worry about young novices and am also sure this will not be around very long. I must say that I did not feel great while on this both times even at 10mg. Mostly the lethargy. Was it worth the 20 lb gain(will see how much of this cycle I'll now keep), I'd say yes, but I would sacrifice some gains for less sides(perhaps 5mg for a month next time?). I using Liquid Nolva at 40mg for a week then 20mg for week then another two week cycle of something(probably homebrew trans 1-test/4AD). I did recieve two bottles of Gaspari m-1-test from kilosports last week and will save that after giving thee ole liver break for a few months. Would like to score some more tabs to try a lower dose in the future. Final complaint...would sure like to feel good(jacked up, cns stimulated,euphoric,etc..) while on one these prohormone/prosteroids one of these days.

    one more thang: my gains would of probably of been even better if I had hit my calorie targets..yikes!


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