MIkeK's Log

  1. MIkeK's Log

    Well I guess this is my introduction as well, so hey everyone...

    First some background info. Names Mike, and i live in sweeden, Im 5'10" at 165... Im pretty much starting on a clean slate. In my best days, i was at around 235 at 7%, but due to a back problem ( was on bed rest for 2 months and coudnt do anything for almost a year) I lost a lot of weight.

    Its been really hard for me to get back into it, but hopefully I have enough determination to get back into good form.

    Im going to be going with my 5x5 routine for the first Mass Gaining part. Still debating on my cycle, but I love winstrol depot, and most likly will be going with a winstrol stack later on, but first, im going to be doign a 1-ad/4-ad cycle to get up a bit. its....

    500mg of 1-ad for week 1-2
    700mg of 1-ad for week 3-4
    900mg of 4-ad everyday

    Thanks, and sorry if my english is a bit off.

  2. your english sounds great to me lol a lot better than some of the americans on bb.com forums lol

  3. I have had two serious layoffs in the last 4 years ( lower back problems and hernia surgery) both requiring six months plus of down time.

    I have been amazed at how quickly the strength and size returned (natural) when I started training again, I guess it's the "muscle memory" I hear about.

    My main problem has been mental, starting low and progressing slowly.
    I have a tendency to jump weight back up too fast and add new injuries to the list.

    Slow, contolled hyperextensions with bodyweight along with extensive stretching of the hamstrings, glutes and lower back have done wonders for my back (more so than anything the doctors did). I also am extremely careful of exercise form now. I NEVER want to go through that again.

    You do not say, but I assume you are considering using the 1ad oral
    and probably the 4ad oral as well.

    I don't know the legalities or availabilty of ph in Sweden, but you may want to consider 1 test transdermal to replace the 1 ad (less sides, more effect) and do the 4ad transdermal IMO, adjusting the dosaging of each accordingly. Based on my limited research, 4ad oral is a waste.

    Your English is great and I hope this helps.

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