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I didn't notice much change in muscle soreness. They did feel jacked all the time, almost a cramping feeling. Got really good pumps on the drop sets. After the bb curl drop set I couldn't straighten my arms for about 30 seconds, pretty cool. One thing I would suggest is to use a skin moisturizer right from day one. With most transdermals you can change location but obviously with this it's drying the skin over and over again. I used emu oil about 2 hours after application. Not only does it moisturize but it's a good carrier and may actually help deliver a bit of the 1-test that remains on the skin surface. I didn't start until about 10 days in though so my skin was already hurting by then. I'd wait a few hours after Sytenhance application to give that carrier a chance to work.
Excellent. I can't wait until next week