Guys i need advice on my cycle!

  1. Guys i need advice on my cycle!

    Please help out guys. I have 3 bottles of deca 200mg. What should i take with it? Im going to be stacking it with clenbuterol to get cut. Please give me advice because it is oral 200mg tabs, so how many should i take a day, when and how much should i increase/decrease every week please help me out i am not taking anything before i do proper research and proper knowledge and please give me some info on what i should buy for a PCT thanks.

  2. Why don't you try searching? There is a whole sub-forum on PCT.

  3. Go to the forum, on PCT and the forum on steroids for help with your dosing on your mg's, but nice stack with clen good stuff man it works hope your cycle goes good for you man

  4. ORAL deca?....thats a new one for me

  5. If you have oral deca, you are in for a huge disappointment.




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