M-1-T Cycle

  1. M-1-T Cycle

    I'll be starting my cycle on sunday, here's my game plan.

    My stats are:

    10% bf

    Length 10-14 days on then one weeks off and possibly back on for another 10-14 days, with Nolva inbetween.

    I'll be eating big calories, 4000-4500+ clean

    I'm going to try GVT during this cycle!

    10mg ed(morning or night, undecided yet)
    I'll be using NAC/Milk Thistle for liver protection.

    I'm also thinking about making using the rest of my T-Heat as everybody seems to be leaning out while on this compound.

    My work shirt is getting damn tight on me, hopefully after this cycle my boss will say 'jesus its time for a new shirt'

  2. Talking

    Excellent, good luck with the Methyl and keep us posted on your results. I start my cycle next Sunday!

  3. I just Started My Cycle 3 Days ago and Im telling ya Its defantally Different. I am Taking 10 Mgs a Day along With 6-9 Squirts of 4 Aderm w/ About 1000 Mgs of Milk Thistle. (Just Started The MThistle Today-Day 3) I I Am 5'7 and 160 LBs at 6% BF. I Havent Gotten more than 2800 Cals since i Started but Am Dang Lethargic and Think im going to Up My Cals to 3500 Tomorrow (All Cals From Carbs) To See If i Can Get Rid of Some Lethargy. I Am also Contemplating Upping My M1T to 20 Mgs a Day Split Up Into 10 in The Morn. and 10 At Night. But ill have to Give It a Couple of More Days to See How I am Responding W/ The 10.

    I Too am Bulkng (Goal is 180-200) If I Gain a Little Fat Ill Cut It Down.

    You Get This Weird Feeling all the Time like your Acting in The Movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" Just Floating around.

    PS Im Running a 4 Week Cycle. I Train With HIT so I Should be able to Gain Some Good Mass.

    Keep Us Posted.

    Ill probally Start a Cycle Log Here.

  4. I Am interested in seeing your Diet Breakdown. Could you Type out a Day of Eating?

  5. No problem man, here is what I have setup for my body:

    2380 Calories non carb mal days
    3235 Calories carb days

    Protein: 341gm
    Carbs: 75gm
    Fat: 76gm

    Breakfast #1

    5oz lean protein (chicken or turkey)
    4 egg whites, 2 whole eggs
    6 MASS Aminos
    6 Ultra 40

    Meal #2
    Protein Drink (40gm protein)
    1 tbs flax oil
    cup frozen strawberries
    6 MASS Aminos
    6 Ultra 40

    Meal #3
    8oz lean protein
    2 cups salad
    1 tbs apple cider vinegar and 1 tbs virginolive oil
    1 carrot
    6 MASS Aminos
    6 Ultra 40

    Meal #4
    6oz chicken
    1 cup green veggies
    6 MASS Aminos
    6 Ultra 40

    Meal #5
    8oz lean protein
    1.5 cups veggies
    1 tbs flax oil
    6 MASS Aminos
    6 Ultra 40

    This is so that I can kick off some body fat burning for 4 weeks, then the diet changes to more carbs and protein...

  6. I start the Methyl tomorrow.. I'm so pumped! For the last 2 weeks I have been using transdermal 4AD - and have switched to the 4ADcypionate. I have never put a pin in my body until now, and let me say that I was nervous as all hell to do it.

    Good luck with the Methyl, I have read many reviews/logs on it and it seems that the lethargy is a common trait. I plan on taking the 10mg dosage in the evening about an hour before bed time - I train first thing in the morning anyhow.


  7. I Just Bumped Up to 20 Yesterday and Started W/ Just Under 1000 mgs MThistle. I Worked Legs 3 Days Ago and Can Hardly Walk Today. (Its GREAT!!) But You know how It It.

    I Am going to Try and Get a Good Amount of Muscle on This Cycle so My Carbs Will be About 250-300 a Day along With 350-400 Protien. The Fat Will be Kept Low to Moderate.

    Ill keep ya Posted.

  8. Took my first 10mg dose today, Hitting the gym tomorrow morning to start GVT.

  9. Started GVT today, Chest and Back. Felt like puking afterwards but managed to keep my shake down.

    No sides or real effects to report thus far.

  10. Hows The Diet?

  11. Aiming for 3700-4000 calories
    300g protien
    40/50/20 p/c/f breakdown roughly

  12. Cool.

    Im 167 and Going for 3500 Cals. 350 Protien, 400 Carbs, 55 Fat.

  13. Chemo, could you delete this thread, I'm gonna keep it in a word doc and post after pct
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