I guess I would just like to see when everyone did their PH cycle and how it went. I'd like to do a 4 week cycle of either Havoc or Epistane, but I'm not sure when I want to start (this year, next year, or any year) or if I'm even ready yet. I started lifting about 6 years ago, but it has not been until the last year or so that I really got serious about putting on size. I am about 5 ft 10 and 185, but I would not say I'm lean ( I should probably do some sort of body fat testing at some point ) My goal has been to put on size and then eventually lean out. My diet is definitely part of the problem as I eat a lot and am not particularly careful about what I eat, though I try to eat a lot of protein. Also, just finished my first non-hormonal stack and put on about 5 lbs of mass by doing so. I've really seen my bench press increase over the nh stack period to about 265. I just wondered when I should start thinking about switching over. I would certainly like to put on more size, and I would also like to slim down a little, but currently the size is what I would like to put on more. I've done a lot of research pretty much all supplements that are discussed on this site, so I am not just throwing this suggestion out of nowhere. I'm really just looking to hear some ancedotal evidence from everyone and possibly some constructive feedback. Also I would entertain other suggestions and ideas that anyone may have. Thanks.