Need help with cutting/shredding cycle.

  1. Need help with cutting/shredding cycle.

    Whats up guys? Iam new to the forum and wanted some advice for a cutting cycle. I was running Mdrol for a first cycle but stopped after 10 tens because i knew I was not doing everything proper(diet, protein, consistent lifting). I did get real hard and saw some gains. I am still watery around the waist and love handles as well as the chest area. Everything else is pretty solid. What would you recommend I do for a cutting cycle. I have cycle support, liverlonger, supercissus, and lean extreme on hand. Im currently 5'10" and weigh 198. I would liek to be between 185-190. Your advice is appreciated.


  2. eat lean and start running 3 times a week

  3. look into the anabolic diet.

  4. Learn how to eat right and exercise to get results. You just haven't put enough time in to get where you want to be. Steroids aren't what you need.
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